Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review for His Immortal Kiss by Liliana Rhodes - 3 out of 5


Left with only debt and a mysterious skeleton key after her mother passes away, Lilac Martin jumps at the chance to move into Chateau du Soleil and restore it to its former beauty. It seems like the perfect job until she meets the reclusive owner Julien Lambert.

Lilac keeps her distance from Julien’s icy stare, but there’s something about him that she can’t resist. His cool touch and too pale skin tell her the unthinkable–he’s a vampire–and even though she knows she should run, she can’t bring herself to leave.

Recognizing the key, Julien uses it to take her back in time to the days when he was human. But he’s careful to not reveal too many of his secrets. Julien is dying and the only thing that will save him is for Lilac to accept his immortal kiss.


I loved the premise for His Immortal Kiss, and it had a lot of the types of things I love: old spooky castle, secret doorway to the past, cool skeleton key, and a vampire! So, right off the bat I was already hooked! Lilac's mom has just passed away, when she is approached by a sort of creepy man to renovate an old castle. Lilac has been taking care of her mom for about 5 years, and hasn't been working in that type of work since she began taking care of her mom, so she doesn't know why she is being sought out, but even though she is wary, she decides to go for it because it is too good to pass up. The owner of the castle is Julien, and right away Lilac feels a connection with him, but doesn't understand why, and on top of that Julien is a vampire. The story between Lilac and Julien was sweet, and I liked the glimpses into the past. The story is mainly told from Lilac's POV, but we get some POV from Julien, which I really liked. The setting was really cool too, I love old buildings, and it added a nice elegance to the story, and there is a bit of mystery to the story that I enjoyed. The things that were sort of misses for me, and which lowered the rating were: I felt some of Lilac's reactions were odd; how she reacted to the news that Julien was a vampire, and how easily and quickly she adapts to some big changes in her life; she just settles right in at Chateau du Soleil like she doesn't have a care in the world, so it was a bit odd to me, and she lies to Julien, which wasn't great. I also wanted more scenes of Julien and Lilac together; a little more depth to the relationship, but that's only because I loved their story and wanted more of it! I also don't know about Robin, Lilac's friend, she had weird reactions too! She definitely overreacts! I also felt the wording of the sentences was a bit stilted. I still enjoyed reading His Immortal Kiss, and I was entertained and interested till the very end, and it is a quick read, so I'm glad I read it!

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