Friday, June 17, 2016

Review for Icing by Kelly Jamieson - 5 out of 5!


Duncan Armstrong may be an NHL star, but he’s a country boy at heart. His ultimate fantasy is going home with the Stanley Cup, not a gold-digging airhead who aspires to be a trophy wife and nothing more. Newly single and hoping to enjoy a night out with his teammates, he ends up hitting it off with a down-to-earth waitress who’s a complete breath of fresh air—until Duncan learns that she’s a part-time model. He tries to forget about her, but their sizzling chemistry has him coming back for more.

Amber is working hard to put herself through school, and has zero interest in dating a professional athlete. She’s seen firsthand how fame and fortune can mess with their heads—her father’s brilliant football career ended in a firestorm of addiction and infidelity. So Duncan’s attentions immediately have her on the defensive. Still, there’s something different about him. And once she stops trying to freeze him out, irresistible temptation turns into all-consuming passion.


I loved it! The characters are all great, and I love that there is humor throughout the story. I know some readers may be frustrated with Amber's inability to accept help; she's very hung-up on being independent, but I liked most other aspects about her, so that didn't bother me too much. Duncan is adorable and such a sweetheart! I also liked that there are glimpses of the couples from the previous books. Amber is working 2 part-time jobs to pay for school, and to help her mother out, so she doesn't have very much extra cash, and she has had a difficult time with her parents; especially her dad, so she doesn't want to depend on anyone for anything. Since Amber works so much and has school, she feels that she doesn't have enough time to give to a boyfriend, so she has been steering clear of being in a relationship. Duncan is a pro hockey player, who has recently broken up with someone because they were using him for his money, so he is weary of getting into another relationship. Duncan and Amber have an almost instant connection, but they both have their hang-ups about relationships; Amber doesn't have time and doesn't want to date a pro athlete, and Duncan because of the whole being used for money and fame thing. Luckily, they can't really resist each other, and they quickly fall into a relationship, but both are having trouble going all in with each other. I enjoyed the love scenes; sexy and spicy! And I liked that Amber and Duncan spent a good amount of time doing other things together besides just hooking up, it shows more depth to their relationship. I liked the hockey stuff, and I was actually surprised how much the author goes into it; there was a few pages about Duncan playing in a game, but I didn't mind it; it was fun, and I enjoyed the scenes with the other hockey players. I will definitely read the next book in the series! Fun, sweet, and heartfelt!

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