Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review for Jagger by M.J. Fields & Chelsea Camaron - 3 out of 5


Jagger Caldwell is no one’s hero. With a reputation busting heads and breaking hearts on the underground MMA circuit, he lives for easy cash and easier women. But when he stumbles upon an all-too-familiar scene, painful memories awaken Jagger’s sensitive side and compel him to act. As a kid, he stood by helplessly as his old man beat his mom. Now, Jagger won’t let seventeen-year-old Tatiana Rand suffer the same fate. Nothing matters except saving her.

Tatiana is a prisoner in her own home, at the mercy of her violent father—until an unlikely savior bursts through her door and into her life. Six-feet-plus of tattooed muscle and raw power, Jagger is no prince charming—but Tatiana stopped believing in fairy tales long ago. Despite their differences in age and, well, everything else, the sexy bad boy sparks a fire that Tatiana never knew she had—and desires that only Jagger can quench.


I had a hard time connecting with this book, but I eventually began to like some things about it; once I let go on some of the things that weren't for me. I haven't read the previous 2 books in the series, and although the main characters from the previous books are present in this one, I don't feel like I was lost while reading this book. I liked that there is dual POV's, and the writing was good. I like that Jagger and Tatiana were pretty honest with each other, and there really wasn't a whole bunch of relationship drama. I also was interested till the end of the book, and I liked the closeness the group of friends/family were. What didn't really work for me was that I felt the characters were all a bit cheesy; especially the wording of the language used. I also don't really care for the whole waiting till she's legal storyline, and I also don't care for the naïve, damaged young girl scenario. Tatiana, who is 17, is beaten regularly by her father, and one night Jagger, who has also suffered abuse from his father, busts into their apartment, while Tatiana's father is beating on her, and proceeds to kick his ass and knock him out. Jagger tells Tatiana that he will help her, but she chooses not to leave, and Jagger ends up being arrested for beating up the father. Tatiana is scared to leave because she has been told by her abusive father that the streets are a lot worse then where she's at, and since she is Russian, she will be deported back to Russia. Jagger isn't arrested for long, and still wants to protect Tatiana, so he begins leaving little gifts for her in secret over months. Eventually, Tatiana decides to leave, and Jagger is there to help her. Jagger and Tatiana feel a connection for each other, but Jagger wants to wait till she's 18, but luckily for him, she only has a few days till she turns 18. Jagger is also an MMA fighter, so they have to deal with a rival of his, and also something happens with Tatiana's father that causes problems for Tatiana and Jagger. So, once I got over the cheesiness, the "waiting" till 18, and the fact that Tatiana has been sheltered, and is naïve about a lot of things, so her intense feelings for Jagger isn't really something I would normally root for because she hasn't really seen the world, I did end up enjoying the read. Jagger and Tatiana are rather sweet together, and they do have some passion. I also wasn't bored while reading, Jagger, so that's a plus in my book!

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