Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review for Mechanical Hearts by Nicole Blanchard - 4 out of 5


Caroline Abernathy has lost her mind. Perhaps it was the bump on the head she took when an afternoon sailing expedition cruised right in the middle of a violent storm or maybe the stress of grad school has finally proven to be too much. Whatever the cause, she finds herself alone in a strange underwater world and at the mercy of a ruthless pirate.

Everyone has a price, at least according to the Pirate Prince, Ezra Castle. In order to purchase the fare needed to bring her home, Caroline agrees to spend the remainder of the voyage on his ship, helping him locate the priceless artifact she cost him.

What starts as a simple journey turns deadly when their ship is attacked by a band of assassins. Stranded, wounded, and without transportation, Caroline and Ezra will have to rely on each other to make it back alive.

Life and love are on the line and time is running out. Tick Tock.


I loved that Mechanical Hearts takes place in a underwater world! So cool! I loved how descriptive Blanchard was; she really painted an interesting, unique world, that I could picture vividly in my mind as I read Mechanical Hearts. Caroline has a fight with her aunt; whom she lives with because something happened to her parents, so she packs up and leaves her home, and after finding a skeleton key on her family's boat, she decides to stay the night. A storm starts brewing, and Caroline is rescued by a submarine, which is captained by the at times surly, Ezra Castle. Caroline is glad she was rescued, but things don't seem quite right with the situation she finds herself in. There's robots, pretty much everyone has some type of mechanical body parts, and people live underwater in pods! Lots of cool, interesting stuff! Mechanical Hearts is an underwater adventure with a dash of romance. I do wish there were actually a pinch more romance, but I'm a romance fiend, so I'm sure it's fine for many readers, and I did enjoy the romantic parts that were included; they were sweet. I'm definitely looking forward to more books by Nicole Blanchard!

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