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Review for Saven Defiance by Siobhan Davis - 5 out of 5!



I’ve promised to protect those I love.
But someone is lying to me.
Will I discover the truth in time to save him?

With war looming in outer space and the Earthen government forced into hiding, the battle for ultimate world domination is only just beginning.

Having accepted her identity, Sadie sets out on a daring quest with her friends, which takes them deep into alien territory. Fraught with tension and danger, the journey is not an easy one, especially when previous adversaries become new allies and cherished friends become suspicious opponents.

As the heirs unite in a bid to restore peace to the galaxy, powerful enemies, determined to exact retribution, surround them on all sides. When hidden agendas and shocking revelations come to light, the fallout is massive.

Sadie’s love life is a tangled, messy affair. While one relationship is embraced forever, another spirals out of control, threatening to destroy everything. Determined to do the right thing, Sadie will fight hard to protect those she loves.

But there are some battles she cannot win.


My mind is blown! Saven Defiance is so damn good! I am just so in love with this series, and once I pick up one of Siobhan Davis' books to read, I can't put it down till I'm finished; sleep be damned! There wasn't anything I disliked about this book, and once I was finished reading, I just felt gobsmacked! There are so many events and revelations in this book! And I am so excited for the next book!

Saven Defiance starts off right where the last book cliff-ended, Sadie has just escaped the Tor with Axton and Izzy, and has been picked up by a surly Haydn and a few other familiar faces, but there is one very important person missing, Logan. Sadie needs to find Logan, and they need to figure out how to stop the war between the different planets, and they need to especially stop Logan's brother Dante, and his desire for universal domination. I love that we get to see multiple planets, and the world building that Siobhan Davis does is really immersive. I love picturing each of the individual planets, and there uniqueness. Sadie is also dealing with the situation with Axton, she's really in a tough spot, but I think she handled herself admirably. I really feel for Axton; despite some of his actions that I don't agree with, I still really feel for him, and understand how devastated he is. I wish there could be 2 Sadies, the current Sadie for Logan, and then Axton's Sadie, so everyone can be happy! You know! Some weird timeline thing! It could happen! I'm still for Logan all the way, and the scenes between Logan and Sadie are just wonderful, and so heartfelt and deep; they make my heart sigh. Their connection is just an amazing thing. Logan is really amazing in this book, and he really shows maturity in a lot of really difficult situations. There are a lot of intense moments in this book, and I was sad that we lose some characters. The deaths make the story seem more real, and the characters are going through some really tough situations, so it's only natural that everyone wouldn't make it, so I understand the need for them, but definitely heart-wrenching! There's tons of action in this book, as the gang tries to gain allies and survive, and I loved it all. I love suspense, and I could feel the anxiousness in my heart as I read.

I love the way this series is unfolding, and I am so excited to read the next book. The writing is amazing, and I love the way Siobhan Davis' tells a story. Saven Defiance has soul deep romance, heart pounding action, amazing characters, gut wrenchingly intense moments, and once you start it, you will be drawn into the story so completely. Okay, sorry if this review was overly gushy, but I just loved it! Definitely read it!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review for The Bad Boy Wants Me by Georgia Le Carre & Laura Jack - 3 out of 5



Cash Hunter is the sexiest bad boy Brit on the planet!

Yeah, he's famous, tattooed, and ridiculously hunk-a-licious, but he's also filthy-mouthed, cocky, crude, and a dyed in the wool womanizer.

And now he wants me! I've said, no, constantly, but apparently he doesn't take no for an answer. Everywhere I turn he seems to be around with those smoldering hot, seductive green eyes.
OMG, the air is crackling with sexual chemistry and I don't know how long I can resist.


In my world, girls don't say no. Everybody wants a piece of Cash Hunter. It's use and get used, and it suits me just fine.

But all Tori Diamond gives me is sass, and fucking more sass. I'm a player, I don't chase pussy, but damn if I can't stop thinking about that feisty, wildcat beauty. She turns me on so fucking bad it hurts. Fine. She's a challenge but I'm game.
She can pretend to resist me as much as she likes. We both know that act won't last.

First, I'll make her beg for me, then I'll make her mine...


*Book provided to me for an honest review*

So....this book isn't really my type of thing, but I was entertained through the whole book and there were moments that I enjoyed. I'm not into the whole bad boy musician scenario, the screwing tons of women, beyond cocky attitude, and just the whole scene of fake people is just not an appealing read for me, so the whole beginning of this book I was struggling to continue, but once that stuff wasn't as featured in the story, I started to enjoy the developing relationship between Cash and Tori. Tori works for Cash's sister, and Tori tries to not fall for Cash, but she can't help herself, and with Cash doing his best to get in her pants, she doesn't have a shot of resisting. I don't really see what Tori sees in Cash in the beginning because I found him to be quite the douchebag, but they do have sweet and fun moments that I liked, and the characters do have layers to their personalities that begin to show a more real side to them. That's kind of an underlining thing in this book, the characters have a persona they project to hide how they are really feeling, and once those personas are dropped, it was nice to see some depth to the characters. So, there is lots of sex in this book, and it's pretty dirty, but I don't feel like it was too much because the scenes didn't drag on, and I enjoyed them. Tori and Cash also have some great banter between them, and they do have great chemistry. I do feel like Cash sort of changed his tune rather fast in regards to his party lifestyle, and because of it I was having a hard time believing Tori and Cash's connection, but I did end up liking how their relationship developed. I enjoyed the writing, and I liked the humor throughout the book. I also think having the dual POV's really helped pull the story together, and made Cash's character easier to feel for. I feel like my rating would have been higher if this story were more my thing, so I do recommend it because the writing was good and I'm sure there are plenty of people who enjoy the bad boy musician thing more than I do. So, if that's your thing, give it a go!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review for Lure of Obsession by Lisa Kessler - 5 out of 5!


The Prophecy - “Every generation the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse.”

Melanie Jacoby teaches English at Crystal City High School. She’s also the reborn Muse of Tragic Poetry, but she isn’t prepared for the tragedy of finding her roommate dead at the bottom of the stairs.

Nate Malone is the detective assigned to the case, but as the evidence points to an accidental fall, the visions begin. He sees a killer in a gold Kronos mask.

Mel is the next target.

The Order of the Titans are eager to bring about the return of the Golden Age of Man, and they’re prepared to kill the Muses to complete their mission. But Nate’s desire to protect Mel is almost as strong as his hunger for her.

And tragedy isn’t part of his plan.


I'm going to love reading this series! I love the premise of muses being reborn and having guardians! And of course, some type of evil out to get them! So much fun and romance!

Melanie is the first muse's story we get, Melanie is the Muse of Tragic Poetry, and her roommate, who was also a muse, has died. Melanie and the other muses suspect foul play, but the police say it was accidental. Nate Malone is the detective on the scene, and when he meets Melanie strange things begin to change for him. Melanie and Nate begin to feel a pull towards each other, but both have reservations about the situation.

I love that there is a bit of mystery to the story, and I enjoyed the action scenes. Melanie and Nate have great chemistry, and are really sweet with each other. The sex scenes had just the right amount of spice and heat and emotion! Nate was a sweetheart and I liked his need to protect Melanie. Melanie was fun and tough, and I loved that she has a bit of spunk. I love that we get POV's from both Melanie and Nate, but we also get the bad guy's POV, which I would have liked a bit less of, so there was a bit more mystery, but that didn't ruin the story for me. Also, the Maggie situation was a little weird for me, I don't know why it didn't quite mesh with me because it was a sweet aspect, but something about it sat wrong for me, but that also didn't take away from my enjoyment of the rest of the book.

I love the combination of romance and suspense, so I am really looking forward to reading more books in this series! I enjoyed the other muses, and can't wait for their stories and for them to get their own guardians! I also enjoyed the writing, and look forward to reading more books by Lisa Kessler!

Review for Welcome Home, Cowboy by Annie Rains - 4 out of 5


After a bad breakup leaves Julie Chandler completely devastated, she comes to Seaside seeking a fresh start. A talented, compassionate yoga teacher, she has developed a program to help alleviate the effects of PTSD, but getting a bunch of bullheaded Marines into downward facing dog might be impossible. So Julie’s shocked when one of her first students dives in headfirst—and almost tempts her to take down her walls with his easy smile and electrifying touch.

Ever since Texas cowboy turned Marine pilot Lawson Phillips lost a crew member in a helicopter accident, he hasn’t been able to fly. When a psychologist orders him to attend, of all things, a yoga class, Lawson’s outraged—until he finds out Julie is the instructor. She’s beautiful, graceful, and completely guarded when it comes to his advances, but he’s determined to find out what makes her tick. Because underneath Julie’s hard shell is a woman Lawson knows he could fall for—and he’s not ready for the ride to end.


Welcome Home, Cowboy was really sweet! Julie was in a relationship, where her boyfriend was very controlling, so she has moved back to her hometown to start anew, and she doesn't want to get involved romantically with anyone. She is a yoga instructor, and she is hoping she can get a job at the local Veteran's Center to teach yoga to help soldiers with PTSD. Lawson is a pilot, who was in a bad accident, where one of his fellow soldiers lost his life, so he hasn't been able to fly because he has PTSD. Lawson has a hard time talking about the incident, and letting people in, so he isn't necessarily in the right frame of mind to start a relationship. Julie and Lawson meet, and feel an instant attraction to each other, but both feel they aren't ready to be in anything serious, but of course, they can't resist each other. I loved both the characters! Julie is a little stuffy, but I like her tenacity and that she has a good heart. Lawson is a tough guy cowboy, and he also has a really sweet side; especially with the people he cares about. Julie and Lawson together were adorable, and I enjoyed the sex scenes. The sex scenes have a nice level of heat for this type of story; the scenes don't get too descriptive, but they are still steamy, which I feel falls inline with the type of story Welcome Home, Cowboy is. I enjoyed the side characters also; I haven't read any of the other books in this series, and even though there were some characters from previous books, I don't feel like I was lost while reading this book. I'm interested in reading the past and future books because there are some interesting stories that seem like they are developing in this book. I also loved the dual POV's!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review for Army of the Winter Court by Ali Winters - 4 out of 5


The heart and blood of life will give rise to the final army.

Evvie Hewett is human. Or at least she thought she was. An encounter with a handsome stranger turns her world upside down in an impossible way and everything she thought she knew about herself has changed. Her history holds the key, not only to her future, but to the future of the darkest kingdom in existence.

Thrust into the middle of a rivalry between two brothers for the Unseelie throne, she must decide who to trust, and who not to. However, knowing who to trust has never been more difficult when one brother wants her heart, the other, her blood.

She holds the key to the creation of the ultimate army. Threatened at every turn, she must find the truth before she loses her heart, and her life. Can she see past the lies and deception to stay alive, or will she fall victim to an ancient feud?


I loved that this book deals with the Unseelie Fae! I haven't read too much where that happens, while I have read tons of things to do with the Seelie Fae, so I was loving it! I also enjoy when characters who are suppose to be bad or evil, go against character. Army of the Winter Court starts out with the Unseelie king having been killed without naming an heir to the Unseelie throne, so a rivalry for the throne begins to brew between the siblings. Aurelian and Nolan make a bet of sorts devised by their sister, Lilith, that whichever brother the half-blood they need to rule chooses will be crowned as the King of the Unseelie. The half-blood they seek is Evvie, Evvie is a college student, who knows nothing of the Fae, and is at an extreme disadvantage in the games between the siblings. I really enjoyed all the characters, and the descriptions for the Unseelie kingdom. The setting and the way it was written was definitely my favorite part of this book. I liked Evvie, but I didn't really enjoy how much she wallowed around; it was like she was bipolar or something, and I don't feel like she contributed much to the story. Maybe that's why I felt the romance was also sort of lacking; the romance didn't feel genuine enough to me because I kept thinking that maybe it's just the claim that's causing it, and that bothered me a bit. I stilled enjoyed the relationship, and at times I found it sweet. I also would have liked a different ending; the ending was fine, but I don't I just wanted a little something more; something with a bigger splash. I knew exactly what was going to go down in regards to the players in the story, but I still enjoyed reading to see how it would evolve. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, and I would like to know more about the characters, and I loved that there is dual POV. I also did enjoy the writing, so I look forward to checking out more books by Ali Winters!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Review for Into Elurien by Kate Sparkes - 5 out of 5!


When Hazel Walsh discovers a strange key in the attic of the Old Brook Inn, she doesn’t imagine the door it unlocks will lead anywhere special. Though superstitious, she’s never bought into the local stories of fairies, ghosts, and demons. But when she opens the door, she discovers just how wrong she was.

Hazel is dropped into a world in the midst of a revolution, where monsters have overthrown the humans who once enslaved them. All of the humans, that is, except for Verelle, the cruel sorceress who vanished at the moment of Hazel’s arrival. If Hazel wants any chance of surviving and making it back to her own world, she’ll have to join forces with the amalgus Zinian—horned, winged, and monstrously attractive—to unravel the mystery of Verelle’s disappearance. If they can’t, the fates of two worlds will be at stake.


I loved this! This whole series is just so great, and I love reading these books! Into Elurien by Kate Sparkes is part of the Skeleton Key series, where each book is written by a different author, but all stories feature a skeleton key that leads the characters to a unique, interesting world! So much fun to read!

In Into Elurien, Hazel is returning to her hometown after her life hasn't exactly gone according to her plans, so she's a bit aimless, and is sort of dreading being back in her hometown. Hazel ends up at an inn, and discovers a skeleton key in the inn's attic, and once she uses the key she is transported to a world where humans have been enslaving "monsters", but when Hazel arrives the "monsters" are staging an uprising against the humans because of how awful they have been treated by the humans, so Hazel's arrival isn't exactly a welcome thing in the eyes of the "monsters". Also, when Hazel arrived, the evil leader Verelle disappeared, and the "monsters" want revenge upon her for the years and years of servitude she forced on them with magic. Hazel needs to find out a way to survive in this new world she finds herself in, and she needs to decide if she can trust some unique individuals.

Hazel was excellent! I really liked reading in her POV! She thinks things through and she has some feistiness, which I love! And, she handled the whole situation wonderfully, and I loved that she was willing to be open minded, and see the good in things that may be difficult to accept. I love that there are all types of creatures in this new world, and I enjoyed the friendship between Hazel and Auphel; Auphel is a female ogre! The romance was really great and so sweet! I wanted more, but I'm a romance fiend, so I always want more! Zinian is adorably wonderful, and I love that he has wings and horns! I've always loved the sort of anti-hero hero. I love Hazel and Zinian!

Kate Sparkes writing really drew me into the Elurien world, and I was engrossed in the story the whole time, and didn't want to put the book down till I finished! The flow of the story was seamless, and the story felt full and satisfying to me. I am definitely looking forward to reading more books by Kate Sparkes!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Review for His Deception by Patricia Rosemoor - 5 out of 5!


Tabloid drama isn’t Katelyn Wade’s style. The illegitimate daughter of a notorious tycoon, Katelyn has worked hard to build a successful business on her own terms. She doesn’t put much stock in the rumors that she’s being targeted by someone with a vendetta against her father—until one of her employees at her restaurant turns up dead. Suddenly, she can’t trust anyone. Especially not her new bartender, a man with an instinct for trouble . . . and a body made for sin.

Katelyn has no idea that Thorne Hudson is being paid to protect her. He certainly never meant to seduce her. Crossing professional lines never ends well, especially when the slightest distraction could put both their lives at risk. But even Thorne’s military resolve, honed by years of training, is no match for Katelyn’s undeniable sex appeal. And after one taste of her lush lips pushes him past the edge of temptation, Thorne aches to tell her the truth—just as soon as he knows she’s safe from harm.


Wonderful! I love romantic suspense! And the romance was hot! And really sweet! Katelyn is in possible danger because her father owns a company that makes assault rifles, and a gun man has killed some students using one of those rifles, so now her father is receiving threats against his family. Katelyn isn't really close with her father because Katelyn has a different mother than her father's other 2 kids, and the kids and their mother aren't very pleasant to her, so Katelyn is hoping she won't be involved in this ordeal with her father, so she refuses the bodyguard her father wants her to have. Her father doesn't listen, and enlists Thorne to protect her in secret. Thorne is there to do a job, but there is something about Katelyn that gets to him intimately. Katelyn and Thorne grow closer together, but what will happen when Katelyn learns that Thorne has been lying to her about why he is in town? Katelyn and Thorne have some really excellent sex scenes; I especially loved the one in the rain! Katelyn and Thorne are both great! Katelyn does have her moments of stupidity, but I still liked her, and Thorne wasn't exactly the best bodyguard, lol, but I'm willing to forgive him because he is adorably wonderful. Also just want to say, a nice I'm sorry and an explanation would do a lot to fix things! I loved the suspense! Who is after Katelyn, and does it have to do with her father's situation? I loved that there were multiple people it could be, and there are some intense scenes to build up the suspense. His Deception was great, and I look forward to reading more from Rosemoor!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Review for Blown Away by Brenda Rothert - 4 out of 5


One year after her fiancé died in a heartbreaking accident, Drew McGovern decides to honor his memory by joining his old storm-chasing buddies on their latest excursion. What she’s not so sure about, however, is whether she’s ready to move on. Drew wasn’t expecting to feel the powerful pull of desire toward Colby’s best friend. But there’s no denying the intensity of their connection . . . or the heat he inspires in the parts of her that are still very much alive.

Aiden O’Neal doesn’t trust himself around Drew. He’s wanted this girl for a long time—long enough to remember the stab of jealousy he felt the first time he saw her in Colby’s arms. Now he’s trying his best to behave himself. But when the wind starts blowing and the adrenaline starts pumping, Aiden can’t resist the urge to claim Drew as his own. Because when it comes to desire, he’s hoping to make lightning strike twice.


I loved the majority of this book, and it would have been a 5 rating, but it had something in it that I just hate! And it almost ruins a book for me, and if I had read a review that said this book had that thing, I probably wouldn't have read the book. I'm going to go ahead and say what it was because it sucks and I don't see why the author chose to put it in the book because it really doesn't accomplish anything except to get on the reader's nerves. Okay, so a spoiler is coming up.......SPOILER.......Spoiler

The male lead has sex with another woman! Descriptive sex! Some random waitress he meets at a bar! And the female lead sees it, and enjoys watching it! So gross! Then she wants to have sex with him pretty much the next day! That just doesn't do it for me! I hate that so much! Normally, I would rate books with that type of thing even lower than I ended up rating this one and I did turn my feelings off a bit after that scene, and was having a hard time enjoying the rest of the book, but eventually I just put it out of my mind and tried to enjoy the other aspects of this story, and luckily, the rest of the book is really good, so I did end up really loving it.

As soon as I saw that they were storm chasers, I was excited! I love the movie Twister, so I was all on board for that, and I really enjoyed those scenes, and I wish there were more of them. Also after that initial problem I had with this book, the romance was really sweet and the sex scenes were hot. Drew has lost her fiancé to an accident, which is in the beginning of the book, so we get to witness some of that, and then the story jumps a year, and Drew is finally ready to move forward with her life, and she runs into one of her fiancé's storm chasing buddies, and decides to go along for some storm chasing. Aiden is another buddy of her fiancé's, who is also a storm chaser, and has felt something for Drew for a long time, but since she was his buddy's girl and he didn't feel like he was good enough, or capable of being the type of man Drew deserves, he hasn't pursued her. Aidan was good at keeping away from Drew, but with her around all the time, he is having a hard time with maintaining his distance from her. Drew hadn't really thought about Aidan in a romantic sense before, but she is now. That was another thing I didn't really care for in this book, the author went into some other stuff about Drew's fiancé, and I just felt like it was unnecessary.

So, despite the couple things I hated, I loved the rest of the book. The storm chasing was interesting and exciting! The romance was hot and sweet! I loved all the characters; pretty much anyway. Also the writing was really good. So, in the end, I'm glad I read this book, and could put that horrible scene out of my mind to enjoy the rest of the book. I would like to read more books by Brenda Rothert; I'll just have to gloss over anymore of those horrible scenes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review for Spell Slinger by K.N. Lee - 5 out of 5!


Yara Ortuso always knew she'd follow in her father's footsteps as a Spell Slinger. The Ortuso clan has kept order in the West District of Allarya since the beginning of time, but a greedy king wants all of the magic for himself.

After King Loric executes her father, Yara vows to end the reign of murder and tyranny. But when the skeleton key transports Yara and her companion—a crow shifter named Hero to the distant future, she must adapt to this new world.

The future is an alluring and mysterious place, where a handsome bar owner yearns to warm Yara's cold heart—and King Loric still lives.

What's a Spell Slinger to do when faced with a threat that could not only ruin her chance for love but send her to the Soul Haven for all eternity?


I love how Lee describes the details! The setting was very vivid in my mind, and I enjoyed the world the story takes place in, and I felt involved in the story as it was unfolding, so much so that I forgot this was a skeleton key book, and was surprised when that part entered the story! The beginning was a little slow, and I tend to stay away from books with things like concubines and such in them, so when I read that I was thinking, Oh, no!, but luckily that wasn't too much of a factor in the story. Yara was sold by her parents; her mother mainly, but her father didn't stop it, so I don't think much of either of them, into a form of slavery to a man as one of his concubines. Yara's father has been killed, so she finally escapes; without help from anyone, so she can take down the evil King Loric for killing her father. King Loric is also killing all those with magic, and since Yara has magic she needs to be careful not to be caught. Yara ends up finding a skeleton key that transports her to the future (this in the synopsis so it's not a spoiler). Speaking of the synopsis, I don't think it is quite accurate in describing some aspects of the story, but that may just be my opinion. Anyways, Yara needs to figure out how to contend with the future and helping those she cares for. Yara was a strong character, and I loved her kicking butt! It is kind of weird how long it takes to get the ball rolling though, but I suppose she is running the long game, and I suppose it is best not to jump into these kinds of things. Evan was great also, I liked his sort of cocky attitude. I definitely could have used a lot more scenes between Yara and Evan. I also would have liked more Hero and Asher; especially Hero, I wanted to know more about his connection to the future. I would have loved a bit more to the ending, but that's just because I enjoyed the story immensely, and wanted more! The magic was great, and the romance was really sweet, and I was entertained till the very end! Great characters! The skeleton key series is so great!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review for Perfect Together by Liliana Rhodes - 3 out of 5


Becca Draven’s life has changed in ways she never imagined. She has a job she loves and a wonderful group of friends, even if they keep telling her she needs a boyfriend. The last thing Becca wants is a man in her life. All they do is complicate things. Besides, she already has one – her best friend Gideon.

Gideon Kohl is an architect on the rise and after several high-profile projects, everyone wants a piece of him. He’s always loved being the center of attention, but lately there’s only one person he cares to be around – his best friend Becca. And with his brother Gabriel telling him they’re perfect together, Gideon can’t help but see Becca in a different light.

Can friends turn into lovers?


I enjoyed Perfect Together, and I loved Gideon! He is a sweetheart! Gideon and Becca are best friends, when Gideon begins to realize that he wants more from her than just friendship. I enjoy friends to lovers storylines, and I liked the banter between Gideon and Becca, and I liked how light-hearted the characters are, and I enjoyed the humor. Becca was getting on my nerves though! Make a decision girl! Jeez. She definitely needed to step up more than she did; Gideon deserved more. I also wanted there to be more time of Becca and Gideon together, there was just too much focus on them with their friends and their friend's problems, and I just wanted more scenes with just them together, and I didn't like the time jumps. It's a cute book, and like I said I loved Gideon! He made the book for me! I love how honest he was about what he was feeling. I did enjoy the writing as well, and there were some other interesting characters that I look forward to reading about, so I will check out some other books by Rhodes. This was a quick read with dual POV's, and I really appreciated have both perspectives. Quick, fun, and cute!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Review for The Logan Collection by Siobhan Davis - 5 out of 5!


Read some key scenes from Saven: Deception narrated exclusively from Logan's point of view.

This short story collection features the following:

My Angel
The Library
The Lady in Red
Drop-Dead Gorgeous
First Kiss
Keeping her Safe
She’s my Eterno


This book features scenes told in Logan's POV from the Saven book series. I love the Saven books, and I think any one who has read and enjoyed the Saven series should definitely reads these wonderful scenes! I love getting Logan's point of view! Especially the scene when he first sees Sadie and the scenes while they are in the library, it shows how much he is affected by her, and how much he feels for her, they were so sweet to know what he is thinking in those moments. There are also a couple scenes were it shows how hard it was for him to stay away from Sadie; tugs at my heartstrings. I would love to read more in his POV! I can't wait for the next book in the series!

Review for The Short Story Collection by Siobhan Davis - 5 out of 5 stars!


This short story collection contains bonus stories set in the True Calling world, including:

Torn Apart - narrated by Cal Remus, this story explains what happens to Cal at the end of True Calling.

Endings and Beginnings - narrated by Anneka Skyee.

Perfect Moment - this story is set two years after the end chapter of Destiny Rising. Join all your favorite characters as they celebrate a very special wedding.

Under the Mistletoe - this story follows the main characters at Christmas, and it's set four years after the epilogue in Destiny Rising. This story is the lead-in to The Skyee Siblings spin-off series.

NOTE: You should only read this collection after you have read Destiny Rising, the final book in the series.


I love this short story collection! I loved the True Calling series, so I was ecstatic that there were short story addition to the series! These short stories are a must read for anyone who liked the series. There are definitely spoilers to the series in these short stories, so be sure to read the main books of the series first. The following will have spoilers for the series, so you have been warned!

The first of the short stories is, Torn Apart, which is told in Cal's POV, which I love! It is the scene when he is separated from Ariana in the first book. Reading this made me want to go back and read the first book, True Calling, all over again! Hopefully I can fit a re-read in soon! It is very short, but it shows how committed Cal is to Ariana!

Next up is, Endings and Beginnings, which is about Cal's dad and Ariana's parents, and why there is bad blood between the families. This was about the problems that occurred between the parents when they were younger. Cal's dad has never been one of my favorite people, but this story did make me feel bad for him. This story did help me understand a bit more where all the parents were coming from.

Third is, Perfect Moment, This one takes place 2 years after the last book in the series, and I loved that there are some Cal and Ariana moments! We also get to see more of Zane, and him moving on with his life. I wasn't in love with how Zane's story ends up; I've never really enjoyed knowing what happens with the other love interests in love triangles, but I still can appreciate this short story. It was good to get to read more about the characters of the True Calling series!

Lastly is, Under the Mistletoe, which take place 4 years after the last book's epilogue, and shows the True Calling characters getting together for the holidays. Love my Cal and Ariana moments! We also get some scenes with all the kids, Zane, all the parents, Mel, Lily, and Deacon. I love that there are going to be books about Lily and Deacon! This story has definitely added to my desire to read their books! Hopefully Deacon grows up! This was a cute addition to the series!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Review for Game Master by Scarlett Dawn - 5 out of 5!


Skeleton Key Book Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

Arizona Creed lost her assassin father, and her whole world changed.
With one magical skeleton key, Arizona lands in another realm.

Forget Earth. Terlant is the place to be. And Lucifer wants her there, the dashing man with no last name and more secrets than even she has. But love isn’t always enough. Arizona must find purpose in her new life.

The Royal Guard could give Lucifer and Arizona what they desire.
They only need to pass two tests to win the Game and enter the elite Guard.
But is her real test to open her heart to true love?
And will she win her wings to fly into his arms?


This was so great! The story starts off with some awesome action, and it just continues to surprise and excite me till the very end! I mean I was on board from the first sentence, but when you add in a talking frog in moss pants! I'm all the way there! Arizona's assassin father has recently been killed, and now her father's enemies are after her, and while she is trying to escape, she comes upon a skeleton key that transports her to another realm. Arizona is all alone in a new world, but luckily Arizona finds a few friends, who become her new family, but Arizona still has a tough time coming to terms with her new situation. The whole story was fast paced, and I loved the bits of humor throughout the story. I also loved how much Arizona and Lucifer get each other; they have a deep bond, and I enjoyed their banter, and how they play off each other. Their connection was really wonderful! The story did turn more intense then I was thinking it would because the whole beginning was quite light hearted despite a few deaths, but even so, I was still surprised with some of the scenes; they definitely went a little more spicy then I was thinking they would! But, I thoroughly enjoyed them! This is a short read, but it didn't feel lacking to me, I felt like the story was well fleshed out, and I enjoyed the whole thing! Loved it!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review for Just Say Maybe by Tracy March - 4 out of 5


Real estate lawyer Holly Birdsong’s hike in the Rockies takes an unexpected turn when a smokin’-hot stranger tumbles off his bike and into her path. Turns out he’s purchasing the abandoned Lodge at Wild Rose Ridge, and Holly agrees to take him on as a client—despite her family’s traumatic history with the previous owner, who shamelessly abused the town’s goodwill at every turn. But when their professional relationship turns personal, Holly must reconcile the past with her hopes for the future.

Adding the rustic lodge to his portfolio of adventure properties isn’t just a business decision for Bryce Bennett. The rugged mountains also offer a killer setting for his extreme-sports camps for at-risk teens. What’s not in the blueprints is finding a kindred spirit in his irresistible lawyer, even if she seems apprehensive about getting involved in the deal. Bryce’s plan to ease her mind just might work, as long as no one discovers his secret. Yet he can’t stand hiding the truth from the woman who makes him want to build something permanent: a happily ever after.


I enjoyed Just Say Maybe! The romance was really cute! I especially liked the couple's first meet, and I love how sweet they are with each other; so adorable! I also enjoyed the mystery aspect of this story; although, I would have liked a bit more from the conclusion of the mystery, but I suppose this book is more romance with a bit of mystery, rather than a mystery with a bit of romance, so I didn't mind too much. Bryce has just bought a property in a small town that has a bit of a unpleasant history, so he is in town to finish closing the sale. Bryce is adventurous guy, and while riding his bike in the mountains, he crashes, and there he meets Holly. Bryce and Holly have an instant attraction to each other, and Holly gives him her number, but it turns out that Holly is Bryce's estate attorney, so they cross each other's paths anyway. The property that Bryce is buying is really cool, Lodge at Wild Rose Ridge, is in very pitiful shape, but there is something hidden in the Lodge, and that is where the mystery begins! I liked the progression of Bryce and Holly's relationship, and I like that they were honest about their feelings for each other; no games is nice. Just Say Maybe is fun, sweet, and I was entertained to the very end! I look forward to more books in this series, and by Tracy March!