Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review for Perfect Together by Liliana Rhodes - 3 out of 5


Becca Draven’s life has changed in ways she never imagined. She has a job she loves and a wonderful group of friends, even if they keep telling her she needs a boyfriend. The last thing Becca wants is a man in her life. All they do is complicate things. Besides, she already has one – her best friend Gideon.

Gideon Kohl is an architect on the rise and after several high-profile projects, everyone wants a piece of him. He’s always loved being the center of attention, but lately there’s only one person he cares to be around – his best friend Becca. And with his brother Gabriel telling him they’re perfect together, Gideon can’t help but see Becca in a different light.

Can friends turn into lovers?


I enjoyed Perfect Together, and I loved Gideon! He is a sweetheart! Gideon and Becca are best friends, when Gideon begins to realize that he wants more from her than just friendship. I enjoy friends to lovers storylines, and I liked the banter between Gideon and Becca, and I liked how light-hearted the characters are, and I enjoyed the humor. Becca was getting on my nerves though! Make a decision girl! Jeez. She definitely needed to step up more than she did; Gideon deserved more. I also wanted there to be more time of Becca and Gideon together, there was just too much focus on them with their friends and their friend's problems, and I just wanted more scenes with just them together, and I didn't like the time jumps. It's a cute book, and like I said I loved Gideon! He made the book for me! I love how honest he was about what he was feeling. I did enjoy the writing as well, and there were some other interesting characters that I look forward to reading about, so I will check out some other books by Rhodes. This was a quick read with dual POV's, and I really appreciated have both perspectives. Quick, fun, and cute!

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