Saturday, July 9, 2016

Review for The Short Story Collection by Siobhan Davis - 5 out of 5 stars!


This short story collection contains bonus stories set in the True Calling world, including:

Torn Apart - narrated by Cal Remus, this story explains what happens to Cal at the end of True Calling.

Endings and Beginnings - narrated by Anneka Skyee.

Perfect Moment - this story is set two years after the end chapter of Destiny Rising. Join all your favorite characters as they celebrate a very special wedding.

Under the Mistletoe - this story follows the main characters at Christmas, and it's set four years after the epilogue in Destiny Rising. This story is the lead-in to The Skyee Siblings spin-off series.

NOTE: You should only read this collection after you have read Destiny Rising, the final book in the series.


I love this short story collection! I loved the True Calling series, so I was ecstatic that there were short story addition to the series! These short stories are a must read for anyone who liked the series. There are definitely spoilers to the series in these short stories, so be sure to read the main books of the series first. The following will have spoilers for the series, so you have been warned!

The first of the short stories is, Torn Apart, which is told in Cal's POV, which I love! It is the scene when he is separated from Ariana in the first book. Reading this made me want to go back and read the first book, True Calling, all over again! Hopefully I can fit a re-read in soon! It is very short, but it shows how committed Cal is to Ariana!

Next up is, Endings and Beginnings, which is about Cal's dad and Ariana's parents, and why there is bad blood between the families. This was about the problems that occurred between the parents when they were younger. Cal's dad has never been one of my favorite people, but this story did make me feel bad for him. This story did help me understand a bit more where all the parents were coming from.

Third is, Perfect Moment, This one takes place 2 years after the last book in the series, and I loved that there are some Cal and Ariana moments! We also get to see more of Zane, and him moving on with his life. I wasn't in love with how Zane's story ends up; I've never really enjoyed knowing what happens with the other love interests in love triangles, but I still can appreciate this short story. It was good to get to read more about the characters of the True Calling series!

Lastly is, Under the Mistletoe, which take place 4 years after the last book's epilogue, and shows the True Calling characters getting together for the holidays. Love my Cal and Ariana moments! We also get some scenes with all the kids, Zane, all the parents, Mel, Lily, and Deacon. I love that there are going to be books about Lily and Deacon! This story has definitely added to my desire to read their books! Hopefully Deacon grows up! This was a cute addition to the series!

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