Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Review for Spell Slinger by K.N. Lee - 5 out of 5!


Yara Ortuso always knew she'd follow in her father's footsteps as a Spell Slinger. The Ortuso clan has kept order in the West District of Allarya since the beginning of time, but a greedy king wants all of the magic for himself.

After King Loric executes her father, Yara vows to end the reign of murder and tyranny. But when the skeleton key transports Yara and her companion—a crow shifter named Hero to the distant future, she must adapt to this new world.

The future is an alluring and mysterious place, where a handsome bar owner yearns to warm Yara's cold heart—and King Loric still lives.

What's a Spell Slinger to do when faced with a threat that could not only ruin her chance for love but send her to the Soul Haven for all eternity?


I love how Lee describes the details! The setting was very vivid in my mind, and I enjoyed the world the story takes place in, and I felt involved in the story as it was unfolding, so much so that I forgot this was a skeleton key book, and was surprised when that part entered the story! The beginning was a little slow, and I tend to stay away from books with things like concubines and such in them, so when I read that I was thinking, Oh, no!, but luckily that wasn't too much of a factor in the story. Yara was sold by her parents; her mother mainly, but her father didn't stop it, so I don't think much of either of them, into a form of slavery to a man as one of his concubines. Yara's father has been killed, so she finally escapes; without help from anyone, so she can take down the evil King Loric for killing her father. King Loric is also killing all those with magic, and since Yara has magic she needs to be careful not to be caught. Yara ends up finding a skeleton key that transports her to the future (this in the synopsis so it's not a spoiler). Speaking of the synopsis, I don't think it is quite accurate in describing some aspects of the story, but that may just be my opinion. Anyways, Yara needs to figure out how to contend with the future and helping those she cares for. Yara was a strong character, and I loved her kicking butt! It is kind of weird how long it takes to get the ball rolling though, but I suppose she is running the long game, and I suppose it is best not to jump into these kinds of things. Evan was great also, I liked his sort of cocky attitude. I definitely could have used a lot more scenes between Yara and Evan. I also would have liked more Hero and Asher; especially Hero, I wanted to know more about his connection to the future. I would have loved a bit more to the ending, but that's just because I enjoyed the story immensely, and wanted more! The magic was great, and the romance was really sweet, and I was entertained till the very end! Great characters! The skeleton key series is so great!

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