Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review for The Death Seer by Tanis Kaige - 4 out of 5


Two things happened twenty years ago. First, the strange little boy next door vanished. Second, people stopped dying.

Brenna Engel has just been laid off her job as a crematorium worker. When she returns to her home to recuperate, an even worse tragedy strikes. In the moments immediately following, Brenna finds herself guided by the force of a magical key to the house next door--the same house that lay abandoned for twenty years following the boy's disappearance.

What she finds inside the house is the entryway to another world...a world with all the answers she needs. A world she can't escape from without the help of a strange man with glowing eyes.

Together, caught between life and death, Brenna and her guide embark on a quest to put right the wrong that occurred twenty years ago. But as their friendship grows, Brenna begins to worry about what will happen once she finds the doorway back to her world. Will her new love join her? Or will she be forced to lose him a second time?


I liked how unique The Death Seer is! I love the setting of this book; I won't say where because that would be a spoiler, but I really enjoyed the different type of areas the characters went to, and the interesting characters they come across! When Brenna was younger, she had a friend that lived next door, but one day that boy vanishes. Also in Brenna's world, people have stopped dying, they just go into comas with his/her heart still beating. This was quite a gruesome image! At least in my mind. Brenna has a job at a crematorium, but since many disagree with disposing of those in a coma, she loses her job, and moves back to the house she lived in as a child. The house next door draws Brenna's attention, and when she finds a skeleton key, she begins her journey into another world. The first introduction between Brenna and Kord was fun, and I eventually warmed up to Kord; a couple of things in the beginning weren't endearing him to me, but I ended up liking his character. I like Brenna's spunk, but I did want her to save herself a bit more; I felt she wasn't as strong as a character as I would have wanted. The story was entertaining and the writing was great! I would definitely be interested in more characters from the world presented in this book! I did want more from the ending though, it felt a bit abrupt, but as a whole it was super great!

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  1. Ooo this sounds pretty good! Wonderful review. I'll have to add it on Goodreads!!