Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review for The Heir and the Human by Siobhan Davis - 5 out of 5!


Axton’s existence was a lonely one until his mother brought Sadie into his life. Now, she’s the center of his universe, and he’ll do everything in his power to protect her.

But Griselda’s evil plans cast a dark shadow over their love, threatening the future he so desperately craves. With separation looming, Ax is preparing to sacrifice everything for the girl he loves. It’s a high-stakes gamble, and he needs to stay ahead of the game if he’s to outsmart his conniving mother.

Sadie has been his savior.

Now it’s his turn to save her.

Note from the author:
This optional novella relays Axton and Sadie's backstory, and it is narrated solely from Ax's point of view.

*Spoilers for the previous books in this review*

My heart breaks for Ax! I'm so sad! Reading this and knowing things won't turn out great for Ax's plans was gut-wrenching! Also, poor Izzy! In the next book, I need for there to be some way for Ax to have his Sadie, while Logan can also have his Sadie. Like some type of weird time warp thing(twin Sadies!), and also while we are doing that, we can also pick up Blade too! I want everyone to be happy dang it! For our current Sadie, I still want her with Logan because the Sadie she is now, isn't the Sadie she was with Ax, and there is a glimpse of Logan in this book, and Logan showed how strong, kind, and mature he is, and if everyone didn't mess with his life, he would have been happy with Sadie, so I can't root for Ax over Logan. This book definitely endeared Ax more to me, and it was great to see Sadie and him together, and to see how much they do love each other, and their wedding; so sweet! Ax tries so hard in this book to do right by Sadie, and it's painful to see him crushed by her loss. I do wish Ax took a stronger approach towards his evil hag of a mother, but I understand where he is coming from, but it has been all his life, and I feel he should have stepped up. So, to recap, we need 2 Sadies because I don't want to see Logan or Ax with anybody else, and we also need to get Blade along the way! I love Siobhan Davis' writing, and the whole Saven series, and I can't wait to read the upcoming novellas, and the upcoming conclusion to the Saven saga!

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