Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review for Return to the Sky by Jenny Lynne - 5 out of 5!



From the author of the dystopian thrill ride, ABOVE THE SKY, comes the highly-anticipated second book in the series. RETURN TO THE SKY continues the story of Seven, an eighteen-year-old girl living in a future society founded on lies. It picks up just seconds after the shocking conclusion of ABOVE THE SKY, as Seven attempts to save those she loves, and herself, in a world full of secrets.

ABOVE THE SKY and RETURN TO THE SKY are young adult / new adult science fiction novels that tell the story of a teen girl coming of age in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future society founded on lies. Filled with constant suspense, surprising twists, forbidden romance, imaginative adventure, and thought-provoking philosophy, ABOVE THE SKY and RETURN TO THE SKY are perfect for readers who enjoyed THE HUNGER GAMES (by Suzanne Collins), DIVERGENT (by Veronica Roth), THE MAZE RUNNER (by James Dashner), ENDER'S GAME (by Orson Scott Card), and THE GIVER (by Lois Lowry).


Return to the Sky is the sequel for Above the Sky, and I loved both books! This book picks right up where the first book ended, so I definitely recommend reading the first book before this one. *There will be spoilers for the first book in this review*

In the first book, Seven took Six's place as a warrior, so Seven had to leave home and fight to protect her home community and Six stayed at home and was assigned a mate, and since they are twins, they assumed each other's identities without most people knowing the difference. So, Seven returns to her home place, where it is safe, but there are very strict rules and the citizens are naïve to a lot of what is actually happening in the world. Seven needs to switch places because she is pregnant with Ten's baby, and that is against the rules as a warrior, plus it is dangerous, so Seven is going to be there for 9 months, and then leave her baby with her sister, and return to Ten and the warrior lifestyle. In this book, we get 3 POV's, Seven, Six, and Ten. I liked that we get all the POV's, since all the characters have their own storylines going on. Seven is dealing with being pregnant, catching up with what her sister, Six, had going on, and she also has an assigned mate she needs to deal with. I felt really bad for Nine, her assigned mate, and I hope Thirteen comes into play more. Six hasn't been trained as a warrior, so she has to find her strength, and when things don't go as planned, she needs to find a way to survive. Ryan was along for Six's storyline, and I wasn't happy about what happened to Ryan, and how blasé everyone feels about mating. Ten is trying to find a way to help Six, and he also is worried for Seven and their baby. I was hoping that our main characters would question the government more, and that would start becoming a storyline, but none of the really happened, so I'm hoping Jenny Lynne goes more into that in future books. I want the characters to get some spunk! They grew up in a way that was very sheltered and it seems like it is almost wrong for them to show much emotion, so I understand that they aren't programmed to question things, but I would think there would be someone that does. I don't like the whole government choosing mates for people and assigning people to departments without taking into consideration the people's desires, and I wanted for the characters to rebel; they all just seem to accept too much, too easily, but I still really love the characters, and there's a lot of growth for the characters to still go through, so I am definitely looking forward to see where Jenny Lynne decides to go in this series. I love the sci-fi aspect, and I like the suspense and action scenes. The romance between Seven and Ten is really sweet, and I definitely want more of them together! I'm hoping in the next book, the characters start to question the governments actions more, happiness for the side characters, and more of Ten and Seven together! There needs to be an UPRISING!

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