Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review for Confused by Wanda Wiltshire - 4 out of 5


Defeated by shattering news after only just surviving the Shadow Fae, Marla abandons both Faera and her future role as Queen. With King Telophy's aid, she returns to Earth, to the human family she knows and loves.
But nothing is ever simple.
With their immortality looming, Marla and her twin Lysander are soon plunged into a world they never knew existed, a world of magic, violence and lust, where a simple mistake could have devastating consequences.
Meanwhile the Shadow Fae are causing havoc on a breathtaking scale with Marla's loved ones facing dire peril.


So, I was under the impression this was a final book of a series, but it wasn't, and I know that's my fault for not doing more research, but I was still disappointed. I haven't read the first 2 books in the series, so I don't have that to go on, but I think I picked up the gist of things well enough. I loved the world building and the writing was great. I didn't like how Marla couldn't catch a clue, and she made horrible decision, and since I thought this was a final book, I kept waiting for her to realize what the heck was going on, but since the story is continuing, my wish wasn't granted. There is tons of angst, and it made my enjoyment lessen. In this book, Marla is confused about tons of things, and reacts badly, which in turn causes multiple problems. Marla needs to decide if she is willing to give up her life as a human with her family, or if she is going to fully embrace being Fae, but without all the correct information, it is torturous to watch her make bad choice after bad choice. I still liked a lot of the story though; just not anything to do with the relationships, I was entertained with Marla's quest, and I liked all the Fae aspects, and I do want to read more of the story, so I'll be looking into the next book, but I believe I will wait to read it until the series is complete because I hate waiting. I think most people who like the Fae world will enjoy this one because the Fae world Wanda Wiltshire created was really great, and really made the story for me!

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