Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review for Drilled by Teagan Kade - 4 out of 5


He’s the gridiron god with magic hands…

…And fingers, and mouth, and tongue.

Chance ‘Gunner’ Adams – quarterback, superstar womanizer, and panty slayer extraordinaire. He wants me. He wants me bad, but I’m not about to become another notch on his girthy bedpost. I came to Los Angeles to get away from my past, to start fresh. I don’t need trouble, especially the muscly, abs-of-marble kind.

The problem? As team masseuse it’s my job to get hands on with this as*hole. I’ll be working on every hard, intimate area of his body. But if he thinks he can treat me like any other girl who stirs his pants, he’s wrong. After all, I’m a professional… right?

We both want a happy ending, but sooner or later my past will catch up with me, and the Mob’s not big on mercy. I need more than a smart mouth. I need a savior -- one whose talent for mayhem doesn’t end when the fourth quarter’s over. For once in my life, I need someone who knows how to play dirty.


This was a hot sports romance! Some really great sex scenes with a dash of kink. I was a pinch hesitant to read this because I don't really like to read about arrogant manwhores, but after an initial jerky douchebag meeting between the main characters, the main male character's personality really went the other way. I think his turn around wasn't very believable though because it happens within a few pages, but I didn't mind because I would have hated it if the author went more into his douchebaggery. It also made me not trust his intentions for a little while because I did feel like it was such a change for him. In Drilled, Chance is a hot shot quarterback on a LA football team, and Chance has a reputation for being a ladies man and very full of himself. Sam has just been hired as the team masseuse after leaving a bad job in Vegas that has links to the Mob. Chance wants Sam, but Sam isn't sure about him because of his reputation. I liked the suspense with the Mob, and I liked the football aspect. The writing was good, and the sex scenes were hot! I don't really like books that take place in LA because of the false aspect of a lot of people, but it wasn't too bad in this books, but I definitely could have done without the name dropping. The author would mention famous actors often as people the characters knew, such as Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon, etc., and I wasn't feeling it. There is definitely a lot of sex scenes in this book; maybe a bit too many, but they were all interesting. I've never read anything by Teagan Kade, but I enjoyed this, so I will definitely be checking out more of her books!

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