Friday, September 30, 2016

Review for Glass Ceilings by A.M. Madden - 4 out of 5


A real hero can protect and serve, but a true hero knows how to love.

When a perfect new love is shattered, two hearts will do anything to pick up the pieces. In this sizzling novel from the bestselling author of Stone Walls, irresistible heat leads to sensual thrills—and a secret that changes everything.

Two years ago, Nick Farley was undercover as a bartender in Chicago. The tough-as-steel FBI agent was working all the angles to build a case against a local crime syndicate, but even his intense focus was no match for the sight of Angela Cavello’s plump pink lips pulling on her drink. All Nick got was one night—the longest, hottest, sweetest night of his life. It could have been the beginning of something real. Instead, she walked away—and Nick watched her go.

Angela has made some mistakes in her life, but Nick was never one of them. Nor was the baby boy he doesn’t know about. But Angela has been running from a stalker for so long that she’s forgotten how to feel safe. So when Nick suddenly reappears in her life, Angela faces a moment of truth. She wants to trust him and reveal her secrets—her life and the life of their son may depend on it—but first she needs to know that Nick can handle her past, and promise the one thing she most craves: a future together.


*Spoilers for this book will be posted after the non-spoiler review*

I enjoyed the whole premise for this book. Nick is undercover as a bartender in a bar that is selling drugs for the mob on the down low, when he meets Angela. Angela is staying with her cousin after breaking it off with her boyfriend because he has begun to be controlling towards her. Nick and Angela feel a strong connection with each other, but Nick is unsure because he is undercover and Angela is unsure because she just got out of a long term relationship, but that doesn't stop them for long, and they have an intense whirlwind romance, and make plans to be together, but Angela ends up making some bad decisions; well I think they were bad, and Angela and Nick lose contact for 2 years. Angela is also keeping something from Nick, and since it is in the synopsis, I'll go ahead and say the secret, Angela had Nick's baby and never told him. When they come back into each other's lives, Nick is really hurt and angry over what Angela has done, but there are some circumstances that led to Angela's decisions, and lead to Nick needing to be involved with Angela and of course, his son. I'm not normally one to like a lot of male POV, but I didn't mind it in this book, and I did like Nick. Nick and Angela have some sweet moments, and the sex scenes were spicy; they have great chemistry. I definitely could have done without the Staci stuff, I know it is to be expected, but it went a bit further than I would have liked, and I don't feel like it added anything for me to the story; really I think it lessened my enjoyment of this book. I liked the bit of suspense, and I liked the writing. I wish there was actually more consequences of Nick's undercover work, but this book was more focused on Nick and Angela's relationship, and I didn't mind that, but it would have been cool to see a bit more danger involved. I look forward to reading more from A.M. Madden!

OW/OM Drama? Yes. Nick is currently dating Staci, who he isn't too serious with, but he's thinking it could become more serious. Even when Angela re-enters his life he still thinks about staying with Staci. Nick goes to break-up with Staci, and he lets her kiss him. We don't really see much of Staci, and it doesn't cause any problems with Angela, but I didn't want to hear Nick's thoughts about how great Staci is.
Cheating? Nick kissed Angela briefly when he hadn't broken up with Staci yet. Nick allows Staci to kiss him when he breaks up with her.
Violence? a little, but nothing major.
HEA? Standalone? Yes. Yes.

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