Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review for Heart Breaker by Erin McCarthy - 4 out of 5


Self-made singer/songwriter Jolene Hart loves everything about being on top in Nashville. Well, everything except her very public breakup with Chance Rivers, her sexy masculine other half. Once the hottest duo on the scene, they turned Music City on its ear. Now their careers are as cold as their relationship. Which is why their manager has practically locked them in a remote cabin with nothing but a guitar, a bed, and time to do what they do best: make some beautiful music together.

As Nashville royalty, Chance has big boots to fill—and the pressure that comes with ’em. He fell hard for Jolene, but he couldn’t handle the spotlight, the crowds, and the fights that made headlines and killed any notion that love and success could go hand-in-hand. Still, Chance is more than willing to rekindle the one thing that worked: the wild passion behind their hit songs. Soon they’re making up for lost time, in the steamiest ways possible. But Chance finds himself wishing for the impossible: that their intimate hideaway could last forever.


This was sweet, and for the most part I liked the characters. I usually try to stay away from books about musicians or actors because I don't like the world in those books because most people are phony, and I don't enjoy reading about them, but I love Erin McCarthy's writing, so I went ahead and gave this a go, and I ended up enjoying most of the book; I think it helped that the characters were sort of secluded for some of the story, and I also like that the characters were fairly down to earth. Heart Breaker is about Jolene and Chance, they were in a relationship; both personal and professional, but they recently parted ways. They are a famous country couple, and are being forced to work together to make another hit country album, so they go to a cabin, so they can work out their issues, and hopefully find a way to work together. The romance was cute; love the little notes, and spicy, and I liked Chance and Jolene's banter with each other. The reason they broke up was stupid, and of course, while apart stupid things happen; enter phony people, and they still really care for each other, but both have walls up to protect their hearts. I would have liked a bit more from the ending, and for a more grand gesture, but all in all, I liked this! I'll definitely continue to read more books by Erin McCarthy!

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