Thursday, September 8, 2016

Review for Hunter's Blood by Marianne Morea - 5 out of 5!


Revenge…it’s a way of life for psychic, Lily Saburi. Haunted since the brutal murder of her best friend and partner, she’s obsessed with retribution—a vigilante bent on striking a blow for humanity against the shadowed world of the supernatural. Prey turned predator she aims to even the score—one bullet at a time starting with the beast that changed her life forever.

Prepared for Armageddon she’s in for the fight of her life. But when mortally wounded by a diseased and insane Were, Lily is rescued by a most unlikely savior—Were-hunter, Sean Leighton. Sexy and powerful, Leighton is charged with destroying anything infected with the deadly pathogen threatening the survival of his pack, and that includes Lily. But their immediate attraction leaves them both breathless and confused. As Lily grapples with truth about herself, Leighton is faced with the looming reality that he will most likely have to kill the woman he’s falling in love with. Only time will tell if they are destined to be together or if they’ll fall victim to the Hunter’s Blood.


I loved this! First off, the female lead is strong and kicks ass! Plus, I'm a sucker for werewolves and other were species, so I loved all of that, and I liked the way Marianne Morea handled the subject. I really enjoyed her writing! In Hunter's Blood, Lily is out for revenge for the death of her best friend, who was killed by a rabid werewolf. Lily has psychic powers, and at times works with the police to solve cases, but since her friends death, she has been consumed with the need to find the wolf that killed her friend, so she has begun hunting weres. Lily also sees the ghost of her dead best friend, which I loved, and I actually would have liked more to develop with that situation. Lily doesn't fully think things through because she feels guilty for the death of her friend, so she ends up in a bad situation, and ends up being saved by Sean. Sean is a werewolf, and he is in charge of a group of werewolves. Lily feels attraction for Sean, but she hasn't had the best picture of werewolves, so she isn't exactly a happy camper with her situation. Lily and Sean do grow close, but there are factors against them, and Lily is trying to find her way in a compound of werewolves, and to top it off, there is a virus of sorts among the wolves that is causing some to become feral. I loved Sean and Lily! I love when couples start out having a bit of resistance to their desire for one another, and I enjoy reading about the couple trying to fight it, but eventually not being able to stay away from the other, so I loved the romance. Sean was alpha, but he also wasn't over the top with it, and I felt like he is a great match for Lily, who is sort of erratic at times, Sean is smooth and in control; except when the need for his alpha to arise. They have good and spicy chemistry! The sex scenes were great! I loved Lily's sass! I also enjoyed how honest she is, and that she doesn't back down when she is confronted. I also loved how Sean shows her what she means to him by standing up for her! Sean has a lot of weight on his shoulders to do what is right for the pack, so I admired his commitment to protecting Lily. I was surprised when the book ended because I felt it was a bit abrupt, but I suppose it ended in a decent spot. I'm really looking forward to reading the next book in the series!


  1. Ooo this sounds really great and I love a kick ass female MC! Terrific review. :D