Friday, September 23, 2016

Review for Rogue Huntress by Thea Atkinson - 5 out of 5!


What kind of assassin gets her alpha murdered.

The kind that is attracted to a human man apparently, and because of it, Shana is now at the mercy of her foster brother's lust for power as he uses mercenaries to take over the pack.

Now Shana must submit to him as bondmate or lose all she holds dear.

Trouble is, she's just not the submissive type.


I loved this! The premise doesn't really describe what is actually happening in this book, so I was surprised with how dark this story really is. Shana is being held captive after her pack has been overtaken by a guy who has been close to her family ever since they were children. This guy is trying to force Shana to become his mate, so the rest of the pack will fall in line with his take over. The opening scene of this book was definitely interesting, Shana has hung herself in a ploy to show she would kill herself if forced to comply with the mating, but it doesn't quite go as planned, so that definitely set the tone for the rest of the book. This isn't a happy romance, and there definitely may be some hard things to read for some readers because there is a lot of violence against Shana, and some of it is sexual in nature. Shana needs to find a way to survive and escape her captives, and find out a way to save her pack. I loved Shana's tenacity and her sass! She's definitely a strong woman! There were some times I didn't really understand her choices though. I loved the shifter aspect, and I really loved the whole premise of this book. There is some romance, but like I said it isn't your typical romance, but it was interesting and at times sweet, and there are some intense sexual scenes. I really enjoyed the writing; there were some points where some of the scenes felt a bit disjointed though, and I also enjoyed the way the author lays out a story. There are quite a few typos, so I definitely think the author should give the book another edit, but I don't let things like that affect my rating. I'm definitely interested in reading the next book! I also plan to check out more books by Thea Atkinson!

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