Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review for Fallen Angel by Elianne Adams which is part of the Shifters in the Shadows boxset - 5 out of 5!


*This review is only for Fallen Angel by Elianne Adams*

This is a very short, quick read about Megan and Nate. Megan is being hounding by Goblins, so much so that she can't sleep and is on high alert. Nate is an angel, who was protecting Megan, but after she kissed him, he disappeared on Megan because he thinks Heaven will frown on any type of relationship between Megan and him, but when Goblins attack, Nate tries his best to protect Megan, but he is severely injured. Megan needs to find a way to help heal Nate, so she needs to go to somewhere dangerous. So, as I said this is really short, but it is a complete story, and it is very sweet, and I love the scenario where someone tries to resist how they feel about someone, but they can't. Plus, I love stories about angel! Also, the sex scenes were really great! Definitely hot and spicy! I enjoyed this story and the writing, so I am definitely looking forward to reading more by Elianne Adams!

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