Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Review for Fire by L.B. Gilbert - 5 out of 5!


Invested with the powers of Mother Nature, four women have been charged with the almost impossible task of maintaining order in the supernatural world and—when the crimes are extreme—the human world as well.

Diana, a fire Elemental, is almost burned out. Alone in the world (save for her Elemental sisters), she takes satisfaction in punishing those who’ve strayed so far into the black they’ve disrupted the balance. But her contentment is increasingly short-lived as she struggles with the limitations of her ability. An Elemental can track murderers to the ends of the earth, but not before it’s too late for their victims.

So when a child from a previous case goes missing, Diana is determined to find her. The only problem is, she may have to take on an entire coven of vampires to do it.


This was so awesome!!! I loved it!! Diana is a fire elemental, which means she is totally badass! She is so strong and kicks major butt! Diana is 1 of 4 elementals that are tasked with taking down evil doers by Mother. The 4 elementals each have an affinity, there is Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, and all of them are pretty much indestructible, and each of them have the ability to use each of their elements, such as Diana can produce and control fire. This book focuses on Diana, but we do get a bit of some of the other elementals. Diana is after a circle of black witches that has kidnapped 2 children for nefarious reasons, so Mother has tasks Diana with bring this circle down, and she is also tasked with taking down a corrupt corporation. Along the way, Diana meets vampire, Alec, who has a connection to 1 of the kidnapped children, so he and Diana team up to find and destroy the black circle. Fire has chapter POV's from both Diana and Alec, and I loved that because I liked getting a deeper insight into each characters psyche. This whole book was absolutely entertaining and wonderful, and the writing really flowed; I loved the world building. I enjoyed the mystery of finding out who was involved in the circle and what their plans are, and I was entertained as the characters hunt for clues to find the black witches, and I loved that the characters travel to different places; I especially love when books go to New Orleans! There are also some awesome action scenes, and it was great to read strong, confident, smart women! Diana and Alec are adorably sweet with each other, and I liked the slow build to their relationship; it's nice that they have time to build a strong connection, and I liked the little quirks to both Alec and Diana. I loved that Diana has a bit of a sense of humor, and I loved that Alec is a scholar, but he is still badass as well! This whole book was very entertaining for me; even the slow parts of this story were interesting and enjoyable! I will definitely read the next book in the series! And check out more from L.B. Gilbert!

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