Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review for Fire Witch by Thea Atkinson - 4 out of 5


What was Aislin like before she was the demigod-come-witch villain of Witches of Etlantium?

Aislin's village has stood untouched by outlander violence for a dozen years, but all that is about to change.

When nineteen year old Aislin wakes to the smell of smoke and the sounds of invasion, she races to the aid of her younger sister, determined to protect her from violence and ending up as a trophy for the invaders to fight over. She holds out hope that her mother will send someone to rescue her from the brutish men who abducted her. She has no idea that her mother, the aging witch of flame, has become so jealously protective of her power that she will stop at nothing to keep it.

Fire witch is the continuation of the supernatural romance series Witches of Etlantium, set before Sarum and Alaysha are even born. It offers a NA romance take on abduction romance with a strong female lead, fantasy with a bit of witch romance, and womens adventure with a touch of elemental magic


This book is interesting, entertaining, unique, and the writing was great, but I'm struggling because I just don't like reading this type of thing, so I feel like I didn't really like it, but I suppose based on my rating, that I did like it; I don't know I'm baffled! The story is dark, sad, and depressing. There is very little lightness in this book, and a whole lot of horrible, but it is compelling, and Aislin is a strong character. I haven't read any of the previous books, but I guess Aislin is a villain of sorts in this series, and I think it's interesting to see that there are reasons why someone becomes a villain, and not everything is black and white, but there are shades of gray and depths to people that aren't necessarily expressed on the surface. Fire Witch opens on Aislin's village being rampaged by a group of ruthless men, who pillage, rape, and kill. Aislin ends up being captured by one of the men, and now he has a claim on her, and can do with her what he wants. The men keep Aislin prisoner as they make the long trek back to their homeland. Aislin is in a very dangerous spot and she suffers a great deal, but she does have an ally of sorts, but things are definitely looking grim. Aislin also has some sort of fire power, but she has difficulties with it, and it doesn't respond to her very often, so it isn't very helpful to her, but it is something that makes Aislin a target. This is the type of book that doesn't shy away from getting gritty and really dragging the characters into Hell. I know when I generally read books, I have it in my mind that there will be something that saves the main character at the last moment, and all will be well, but this book isn't like that; it is dismal. That's why I'm confused about how I feel about this book, I don't enjoy reading depressing books, but this book was gripping and intense. I think I'd like to see what this book leads up to and to see Aislin as the villian, so I'd like to read the previous books in this series. We'll see how it goes!

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