Thursday, October 27, 2016

Review for Operation: Romeo by Kat Cantrell - 5 out of 5!


SEALs on Vacation

Jilted groom Garrett Van Doren didn’t expect to spend his wedding night alone. But finding Callie Jones in his bed—naked—also wasn’t in the plan. The mortifying hotel room mix up never should have happened but Garrett needs someone to keep him from jumping into the next relationship too fast. Callie is determined to seduce his brother to get herself out of a dating rut. What else can they do except join forces? But Operation: Romeo takes an unexpected twist when Callie realizes she was in the right bed all along—Garrett’s. And the determined Navy SEAL is trying to set her up with his brother...

This is book #1 in a duology set (SEALs on Vacation) in Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Kindle World. It can be read on its own, but also read Seduced By The Best Man by Zoe York for Garrett's brother's story


This is super cute! It is a quick, fun read, and I thought both characters were wonderfully adorable! Garrett has just been jilted at the alter, so he isn't exactly feeling great at the moment, but things start looking up when he finds Callie naked in his bed, or rather his twin brother's bed. Callie is a planner in life, and had decided to do something spontaneous by seducing Garrett's brother, but when that doesn't go as planned, Garrett offers to help Callie seduce his brother, and Callie will help keep Garrett from making impulsive decisions, but really both agree to the plan because they both want to spend more time with the other. As the story goes on, both start having romantic feelings for the other, but since Garrett has just recently been jilted, he isn't trusting himself to make the right decisions, so he is trying to resist his growing feelings for Callie. There is some fun moments in this book, some really sweet moments and there are also some sexy, steamy moments! The writing was great and the story flowed nicely, and I loved that Garrett is a SEAL! I happen to love military romances! I'm looking forward to finding out what was up with Garrett's brother, so I'm definitely going to read his book, and I would like to check out more by Kat Cantrell!

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