Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Review for Star Dust by Ali Winters - 5 out of 5!


A case of mistaken identity triggers a reign of terror.

A Star Princess of Soleis, bound by tradition, is forced to fulfill an arrangement made prior to her birth. During the Tauri masque, Oriana meets a handsome stranger, but soon finds out he is not who she thought.

Prince Lucian, unfamiliar with the treaties of the Universe, must restore the reputation of his world and prove his kingdom is not behind the attacks.

No one knew an innocent mistake could lead to the destruction of the solar system. Worlds are conquered, lives torn apart, and destruction reigns, while Oriana, unknowingly, holds the key to salvation.

Now, a Princess who needs saving must save herself, the man she loves, as well as the rest of the Universe, before it is destroyed beyond repair.


Loved this! The writing really flowed beautifully, and the descriptions painted a vivid picture in my mind, creating a lush and interesting world. I love the whole premise of this book, and I loved that it had to do with the planets because I love Astronomy, and I find planets so cool! Oriana is Star Princess of the planet Soleis, and the book opens on her preparing for a masquerade party to celebrate her 100th year and to announce her arranged engagement to the Prince of Jupiter. Oriana hasn't meet the Prince of Jupiter before, but she is willing to do right by her Kingdom and enter into this arranged marriage, and this party is the first time she will meet the Prince of Jupiter. I love that each of the planets has their own royalty, and there are unique characteristics to each race of people from each planet! Oriana ends up meeting Lucien at the party, and feels a connection with him, but the initial meeting between the two turns sour when new information is brought into the light, so the two go their separate ways. After the party, someone begins attacking each of the planets and killing a lot of people, but Oriana happens to escape and is on a mission to find who would do such a horrible thing, and how she can stop them from doing further damage to the planets. Along the way, she meets back up with Lucien, who has a stake in finding the culprits as well, so he decides to help Oriana solve the mystery. I love that we get to see the characters travel to each of the planets, and I loved how we got to see each planets environment! I also loved that there is a bit of a mystical aspect to the story, and I love when characters go on epic adventures! The romance was so sweet, and I loved that we get to watch it grow throughout the book. Oriana is a really strong character, and I loved that she doesn't let fear rule her. Lucien is adorable and wonderful! It great that we get POV from both characters, and this doesn't have a cliffhanger! This book is definitely entertaining and interesting, and I will definitely read more books in this series and by Ali Winters!

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