Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review for Amped by Teagan Kade - 4 out of 5


Rock. Freakin’. Hard.

That’s me. Mathew Barton. I party like a rock star, play like an All Star, and f*ck like a porn star.

There’s not a woman I can’t make mine, but the only one I want is off limits.

I went on tour to get Selena Torres out of my head. All it did was make me crave her more.

Now she’s taken, the property of a guy I used to call my best friend.

It doesn’t help he’s her agent.

But I see right through him. He only wants her for one thing, and it ain’t her hot curves and parted lips.

I should have stayed away, but now I’m home I’ve got no choice. I have to protect her.

I won’t stop until she’s in my arms, my bed, thrashing and crying out my name with that honey sweet voice.

Nothing is going to keep us apart—not that prick, not a contract, not a god damn army.

One way or another, I’m going to make Selena sing again.


I really enjoyed Amped, and pretty much just zoomed through from beginning to end in one sitting. I was surprised with how sweet this book actually is, I was expecting a little bit more angst, but I enjoyed the heartfelt romance between Mat and Selena. I do wish there was a little bit more depth to the emotions in this book, but the light-heartedness was a welcome relief from the many books that feature severe emotionally damaged characters. In Amped, Selena is a Latina singer on the rise, and Mat is a rocker, who hasn't really hit his rise yet and isn't really feeling his music anymore. Selena and Mat have known each other since they were kids, and both of them had some feelings for the other, but Mat left to tour around the world with his band. Mat has come back to town, and wants to reconnect with Selena, but Selena has a boyfriend, who Mat and Selena used to pal around with as well when they were kids. Both Mat and Selena have some obstacles to fight through to maintain each of their music careers, and not everyone has their best interests in mind. I loved that Mat and Selena bond over music, and I felt they are good for each other and had good chemistry. Mat is there for Selena when she gets dealt a tough hand, and Selena is there to support Mat, when he has some personal problems to contend with, and I love how Mat wasn't going to let Selena slip away from him. There are also some really hot sex scenes between the 2, which were great! I love that both Mat and Selena weren't going to take any guff from anyone, and they stood up for themselves. Amped has dual POV's, which I think was good with this book, and it really helped me to feel more connected to the characters. Cute, fun, and hot read! Looking forward to more books by Teagan Kade!

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