Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review for Bitten: A Club Erotic Short by Nicole Garcia - 5 out of 5!


Born into light, made to live in darkness, Caressa strives to keep her coven safe from the Hunters. A group of killers trained to eradicate the vampire population.
Now, it's up to Caressa to ensure the survival of her and her sisters. Together they must make difficult decisions to recruit more soldiers to help aid in the fight in the war against the Hunters.
Everything was going according to plan. That was until Noah walked into Club Blood. His gorgeous body and infectious smile make him hard to resist. But, that's exactly what Caressa has to do, resist him. Avoid him at all costs because the moment she lets her guard down, he will surely claim her heart.
A heart that is cold, dark, and incapable of giving someone like him the love he deserves.
Can Caressa deny herself the love she so desperately craves and turn away the only person capable of giving her everything she has ever wanted? Or will she give in to her heart's true desire and put her coven in even more danger than the already are?


I really enjoyed this short story! It was sweeter than I was thinking it would be, but it had some spice. I listened to the audiobook version, and I thought the narrator did a decent job, and there was also a male voice for a couple parts, which wasn't my favorite, but it was still okay. In this book, Caressa is a vampire, who is trying to keep the remaining people in her vampire coven safe from hunters after her "master" got killed, her coven is made up of the remaining female vampires. They have bought a nightclub to help them have access to their food source of blood, and hopefully stay hidden from the hunters. One night, Caressa meets Noah and feels very attracted to him, but he is human, so she doesn't want to put him in harms way, and she doesn't have a good idea of male vampires, so she doesn't want him to change, or to bring him into her world, and she also needs to think of protecting her coven, so she tries to deny her attraction to Noah, but Noah won't let her turn away from him. I liked that Caressa is a strong woman with a bit of a wall up because she actually has a sensitivity to her. Noah and Caressa are really cute and adorable together, and there is some hotness! The majority of the book is about Noah and Caressa working out how they feel for each other and what they want to do about it, but there is also a bit of action that added some extra excitement, and this story is a short one, but I felt like I really got a sense for the characters and the type of world this book is set in. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more books from Nicole Garcia and more books with these characters!

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