Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review for Heidi: A Not-Quite Hellhound Love Story by Julia Mills - 5 out of 5!


From the armpit of Hell to Lucifer-only-knows-where, West Virginia (Sue me! I lost the directions.) at the speed of light with my new bestie, Bert the imp and my hooker alter-ego, Lola without a plan or a clue.

Ten days is all I have before the love of my life marries the Princess of Hell and my dreams for a smokin’ ever after go up in flames. It’s DEF CON 666 and this girl is outta time and outta choices.

One of these witches better have a plan to turn this Not-Quite Hellhound into a four-legged, butt-sniffing daughter of Cerberus or Satan himself is gonna make an appearance and we’re all gonna be flambĂ©ed.

Time is running out, my fur coat is nowhere to be found and all I can think about is jumping that Hunky Hellhound’s bones…. Hades help us, who does a girl have to kill to get a quad shot, no foam, caramel macchiato in this one- horse town?


This is so fun, humorous, and awesome!!! Loved it! The story is interesting, entertaining, and there's sexy times too! I love that it takes place in Hell, and I loved all the characters. The main character, Heidi, is snarky, sassy, and quirky, and I loved that she is resilient and makes the best out of a screwed up situation. Heidi's mom sold Heidi's soul to the Devil, so now Heidi currently resides in Hell, where she meets Hunter; a hellhound shifter, who she immediately wants to climb like a tree, but unfortunately, he is engaged to the Devil's daughter, Luci, so Heidi isn't too pleased. Hunter also wants Heidi, and wants out of the engagement to Luci because it was arranged by Luci's father and Hunter's father, so there isn't any love between Luci and Hunter. Luckily for Heidi and Hunter, there may be a way for them to be together, but Heidi needs to go on a mission to make it happen. There are some very hot scenes between Hunter and Heidi, and they are so cute together! This is a quick read with lots of funny stuff! So, definitely read it! Looking forward to more by Julia Mills!

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