Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Review for The Lizard Man Affair by Blaire Edens - 4 out of 5


Anthropologist Lucy Whittemore is on a quest to track down a killer. When Spencer Watson hires her to solve the mystery of his dad’s disappearance, she’s pretty sure the mythical Lizard Man isn’t the culprit. But the truth is usually stranger than fiction. Tracking the beast through a steamy South Carolina swamp, the two find themselves up close and personal with a reality far scarier than they ever imagined. Hunting down a creature of legend might be the easy part. . . especially when you throw the possibility of love into the mix.


This was a quick, interesting read, and I enjoyed it! I like the unique subject matter, and I enjoyed the setting of this book. The story starts out with Spencer going to the Carolina swamp to look for his missing father, and while he is there he sees a Lizard Man, so he calls in Lucy, who has a PHD in Anthropology and has an interest in Cryptozoology. Lucy is having a hard time proving herself to be a legitimate Anthropologist because of her interest in Cryptozoology, so she is a bit down on her luck, but she is excited at this opportunity to research the Lizard Man, but she is also having a problem believing in Spencer's story. I was actually surprised that she seemed to be more of a skeptic considering that she has quite an interest in these types of things. There is also a bit of romantic connection between Spencer and Lucy, which was a nice addition to the story, and they have a bit of steam to them. There's also a bit of family drama added to round out the story nicely. The story was entertaining till the very end, and I liked both characters. The subject of searching for unique, interesting characters like The Lizard Man is a fun one, and I look forward to reading more books in this series. I do feel that the characters could've been a bit more developed, and that some of the things in this book weren't quite figured out; maybe those questions will be touched on in the next book, but despite those couple of things, it is still a great, quick read!

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