Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review for Siren's Curse by Margo Bond Collins - 4 out of 5


When the Sirens of ancient Greece retreated to deeply sunken Atlantis, they never expected to return to the world above. But now that their old foes, the Titans, are pushing into this dimension, the mermaid-shifter Kirka must find new allies…and she knows just the place to start. Welcome to the Hotel Paranormal.


Siren's Curse starts off with Zale in Greece searching for one of his police buddies, and from what I understand, his police buddy's story was in one of Margo Bond Collins' books called, Siren's Kiss, which took place before this story, I do think it would be beneficial to read the previous book, but I don't feel it's absolutely necessary because I haven't read the previous book, and I felt like I caught on pretty quickly. So Zale is looking for his buddy, when he receives a card to go to a place called The Hotel. Kirka is a mermaid, who also receives a card to The Hotel, and she is a mermaid, who is a bit of an independent, who also is known as a mermaid of strength, so she decides to check out the situation. Zale and Kirka find out that they need to team up in order to stop the Titans from escaping into their world. Kirka already knew a bit about this situation because Skyla from the previous book had a run in with a Titan, but all this craziness is new to Zale, so he need to figure out how to deal with all this stuff coming at him. I love that this has to do with merpeople, and I love the whole idea of The Hotel Paranormal. The hotel has interesting, unique characters, and I actually wished a bit more of the story took place there. I liked both Kirka and Zale, and the story was interesting, but I do feel it moved a little slow at times. We do get some steamy moments between Kirka and Zale, but I wasn't completely sold on their connection yet. It seems like this story will continue in future books, so I would like to read those because the premise is unique and entertaining. I read another book in this series that was written by a different author, and I loved that one, so I would like to read more book in this series because I love the idea of The Hotel Paranormal. I also would like to check out more of Margo Bond Collins' books because I feel like she has an interesting take on things.

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