Thursday, November 3, 2016

Review for Twist of Fate by Callie Quigg - 5 out of 5!


After Quinn Marshall’s ex drains her bank account and spreads vicious lies about her business, the penniless wedding planner needs a big event to help salvage her ruined reputation. And she gets just that chance when megastar Ella Harper announces her plans to marry in Ireland. Quinn’s pitch about the fated love she shares with her perfect fiancé wins over Ella and scores Quinn the contract. It’s a shame Mr. Perfect is nothing more than a figment of Quinn’s imagination.

But no one will ever discover her one little white lie...right?

Ronan Donovan despises liars and cheats. He discovers Quinn Marshall lied to win the contract that should have been his and forces his way into her fabricated life posing as her fated fiancé. When their counterfeit kisses turn real and Ronan’s feelings begin to cloud his judgment, he must to choose between exposing Quinn as a fraud or trusting his traitorous heart…and her.

TWIST OF FATE is book one in Callie Quigg's sexy and heartwarming series about The Donovan Family and can be enjoyed as a standalone story. Look out for more stories from Callie about this close-knit Irish family coming soon.

Contains some strong language and several sensual love scenes.


This was cute and fun! I loved it! In Twist of Fate, Ronan, flies to Ireland to confront the woman who he thinks stole a wedding planning job for a famous couple that should've gone to his company, and when he receives information that the woman lied to get said job, Ronan has every intention of calling this horrible, lying woman out. Quinn has had a horrible time of it lately, and really needs this wedding job, or she is going to lose her business, so she may have told a little lie about her fated love with her fiancé in order to seal the deal on the job, but she was desperate and she's just trying to stay a float. When Ronan swoops into her life claiming to be her fated fiancé, she doesn't really have much choice but to go along with the charade. I liked both characters, and I loved that the book is set in Ireland! Loved the whole winter wonderland setting in an Irish castle, so fun! Plus, I love wedding books, so I was excited for that whole aspect. The story was written well, and I thought the story was sweet, and I really enjoyed the characters. Ronan is a tough guy, who has been hurt in the past, so he withholds himself, and Quinn also has trust issue, so she also is hard to trust. There's a bit of drama in this book, and I liked the little bit of added mystery. There are some sexy steamy times, that I enjoyed, and there are also some really cute, sweet moments between Ronan and Quinn. I do wish there was an epilogue, and there was a bit more development with that little bit of suspense in this book, but maybe the author will go into that in future books, and this book is fairly short, so I didn't miss it too much. This book is entertaining and I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm looking forward to more books by Callie Quigg!

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