Thursday, November 10, 2016

Review for Winter Souls by Angela Fristoe - 5 out of 5!


To reclaim his soul, they will risk everything…

For six years, Elora has been confined to an island with the Ice Witch, Niobe. When her captor dies, Elora flees across the ice bridge back to Mason, the man she’s kept in her heart all these years. But Mason isn’t the same man she left behind. In his place is a cold and emotionless stranger.

Mason will never forget the day Elora disappeared over the ice bridge. It was the day the Ice Witch tore out his soul. He has settled into his life as a Tank Guard, protecting the small inlet at the northern edge of the sector from ravagers. But with Elora’s return, he has an opportunity to reclaim his soul and the life he thought lost forever.

It’s a dangerous task that will lead Mason and Elora to the depths of the Underworld. It’s a journey none has ever returned from.


In Winter Souls, Elora has been held prisoner by the Ice Witch for 6 years, but she is finally able to escape when her captor dies. Through the 6 years, Elora has thought of Mason, who she feels deeply for, but when she sees Mason again, she finds him to not be who he was when she left. Mason is now cold and unfeeling because his soul was stolen by the Ice Witch, so he feels nothing for Elora and has no desire to get his soul back, but Elora isn't willing to give up the quest to restore Mason soul, even if she has to venture to the underworld to do it. Winter Souls has a dystopian feel, and takes place in a futuristic Alaska, where there are deadly creatures ready to tear people apart. I love the sort of desolate winter wasteland setting, and also that there were some new technologies, but things were still a bit primitive. There's also some cool witchcraft going on in this story, and I always enjoy when the characters have to go on a sort of quest. Elora is a strong character, who also has a vulnerability to her, and I loved her tenacity. It was sad to see how Mason acts towards Elora, but I could still feel the connection between them. There are some steamy scenes in this book with a pinch of kink, and there's also some tender moments. Winter Souls was interesting and entertaining, and it felt unique to me. I loved that we get dual POVs and that this is a complete story. I just really loved the whole feel of the story. I'm looking forward to reading more by Angela Fristoe!

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