Saturday, November 19, 2016

Review for The Witcher Legacy by Brenda Tetreault - 5 out of 5!


After a nomadic childhood with her mother, Melissa Witcher is ready to put down roots, despite the ghosts that haunt not only her new home but her family history as well.
Michael Kemper never saw her coming, and from the moment he meets Melissa Witcher, he finds himself ready to do whatever it takes to stay by her side.
When evil threatens not only their happiness but also their lives, Michael and Melissa will find themselves fighting for everything they hold dear.
Can love conquer all, or will the evil that sleeps deep within the old Witcher home destroy it?


I really enjoyed this ghost story! Brenda Tetreault really set a spooky scene! I listened to the audiobook of The Witcher Legacy, and I liked how the narrator helped set the mood of the scene with her voice. The Witcher Legacy starts in the past with the suicides of Louisa Witcher and her sister, and then the murder of their mother all at the Witcher House. Fast forward to the present where Melissa Witcher has inherited the Witcher House, so Melissa has relocated to Bounty Cove, where she is hoping to connect with her father, the local town doctor and find a place where she belongs, but all doesn't go quite as planned. Melissa hears some stories about her house being haunted, and then she begins to experience some unusual things, so she decides to look into the history of her house. I really enjoyed listening to the mystery unfold. There's also quite a love story in this book, and it was a lot sexier then I was thinking it would be, which I happened to enjoy, so I was all on board for the steam between Melissa and Michael. Melissa meets Michael, who is there to help her clean and fix up the house, and there is an instant connection between the two, but Michael wants to take things slow because he just got out of a sticky situation. Melissa and Michael grow closer as the story progresses, and they are so sweet with each other; well most of the time anyway, and I loved how deeply they fell in love with each other. Melissa and Michael are on their way to happiness, but some obstacles get in their way, such as ghosts, exes, and multiple crazy people. It was tough to hear the struggles that Melissa and Michael go through, but I loved how devoted they both are to each other. The ghost stuff is creepy and grim, and really puts a chill in your bones, and it was some good stuff. The whole ending was brutal! I also would have liked a bit more in the ending, but for the most part I loved this book. The only thing I didn't love was anything to do with the character Jaime, he is suppose to Melissa's friend, but I never got that impression besides the initial meeting, but after that I would say he is a pretty crap friend, and I didn't like how his story unfolded, and a moment that I feel should have been just Melissa's was overtaken with an action by Jamie, so I just didn't like anything to do with him, and would have been happy if he were omitted from this book, but I didn't let that affect my rating. If you are looking for a hot and sweet romance with a spooky mystery, I say definitely give this a go! I'm looking forward to reading more by Brenda Tetreault!

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