Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review for Big Bad Baller by Tia Siren - 2 out of 5


Now that Jesse’s home, he’s even more off limits than ever before…

Jesse Valen – the star quarter back of the Jets - is coming home. I always wanted him so bad, but I knew he just thought of me as a kid. I used to love it when he’d let me rub down his muscles in the hot tub after practice. But I was too shy and innocent back then. If it were now, I would rub my hands over more than just his biceps, and pecs, and abs, and way down…well you get the idea.

But I can only dream. I’m off limits, you see.

He’s my brother’s best friend… or at least he was until the accident.

Some things never change.

My home town looks the same, and the girls still throw their panties at me just like when I was the high school football star.

And some things do change.

Bill hates me now. I don’t blame him. Hell, I can hardly live with myself.

But what’s changed the most is Mary, Bill’s kid sister. Only she’s no kid no more. She’s turned out to be cutest piece of ass even city girls would envy. Yep. I’m gonna f*ck her as much as I can before I go back to New York.

But if I do, it’ll be just another reason for Bill to hate me even more...


This was okay, but really lacked depth for me. This is a short story, but I've read plenty of short stories that felt complete and had good character development, but this story didn't reach that. In Big Bad Baller, Mary is working 2 jobs and going to school in order to take care the bills and support her brother. Mary's brother, Bill, used to be a big time football star in high school, but an event derailed his dreams of playing pro, so now he is lazy and morose, so all the chores and bills fall on Mary. When Mary reads that another local football hero, who made it to the pro's, is returning home for a little bit, she is excited because she has always had a crush on Jesse, but Jesse and her brother have had a falling out because of the events that happened in the past, so the road to happiness isn't exactly easy for Mary and Jesse, and causes some drama. Mary comes across as desperate when it comes to Jesse, and I actually felt she was a little pathetic, so I had a hard time connecting with her. There's also a scene when she meets him at a party and he has a girl on him, and then he says something along the lines of, "All these girls chasing me, saying nice things... it's hard to resist.", and granted this is before anything happens with them, but really who wants a guy that says he can't resist when girls come on to him; especially since he is in a job where he will be traveling a lot, but this barely even phases Mary, and leads me to believe her feelings for Jesse weren't based on much, and all she cared about was catching Jesse. There also was no substance to Jesse, he was just flat, and really nothing to swoon over. The relationship between Mary and Jesse felt very surface to me; not much feeling involved, and they didn't really have any chemistry. The sex scenes were okay, but really if there isn't any emotion to the sex scenes, I don't really enjoy them. I felt the story had good bones, but the meat wasn't added to those bones, so the story doesn't make an impression. This is the first book I have read by Tia Siren, and I suppose the writing was okay, but I'm not sure if I'll continue on with anymore of her books.

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