Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review for Dark Salvation by Katie Salidas - 4 out of 5


A gathering storm of violence is on the horizon. Whispered threats of the Acta Sanctorum’s return have the supernatural world abuzz. Only recently aware of the other world hidden behind our own, Kitara Vanders has barely scratched the surface of what being supernatural truly means. A special woman in her own right, she possesses unique telepathic abilities, gifts that have recently come under the scrutiny of the Acta Sanctorum, a fanatical organization whose mission is to cleanse the world of anything supernatural. Targeted and marked for death, Kitara’s only hope lies with the lethally seductive yet emotionally scarred warrior Nicholas.
Knowing full well the atrocities of which the Acta Sanctorum is capable, Nicholas is all too eager for the battle to begin. Fueled by pain and rage from the loss of his mate, he’s itching for a fight, but one thing stands in his way: Kitara, a beautiful dark-haired woman with unique psychic abilities and an unusual link to the Saints. Despite his resolve to remain focused on his mission, a purely physical relationship binds them together in a way neither of them expected. And when her life hangs in the balance, Nicholas finds his own is teetering on the edge too.


I liked getting Nicholas story, and understanding him a bit better. Nicholas' mate was killed in one of the previous books, and he is still really hurting because of it, and Lysander wants to help Nicholas get past it and move on, so they go out for a night on the town. I just want to say that it has only been around 3 months or so since she was killed, so right off the bat, I'm thinking why are these people bothering him to get over it, so I wasn't happy with those turn of events, and it made Nicholas' relationship with his mate seem insignificant, so when Nicholas meets Kitara it's all a bit bittersweet for me. Kitara's boyfriend has joined the Saints, and has dumped Kitara, but she thinks he has been brainwashed, so she has come to Boston to find him and convince him to return home with her, which came across as very desperate to me, and some of the actions later in the book don't lead me to believe her feelings are deep enough for her to be so blind and devoted when it comes to her boyfriend. She ends up getting into some dangerous situations, and Nicholas ends up saving her. Kitara has a vague idea that there are other types of beings out there, but she is still pretty clueless; that's something I don't really like about this series, all of the females are sort of naïve and whiny, and make things worse a lot of the time, so I would have liked for there to be a strong female character that was capable and confident all on their own. Nicholas decides Kitara needs protecting, so he ends up letting her in on the knowledge about vampires, the Saints, and the rest of the supernatural world, but there is something about Kitara that isn't quite normal. Once I got past Kitara's desire to get her boyfriend back, I did like her and she does have some feisty to her that I enjoyed, and she handles things fairly well, and there is some chemistry between Nicholas and her. The sex scene is hot; except for Nicholas thinking he is out of practice even though it has only been 3 months! There's also some good action in this book, and it's well written; kept me entertained till the end. All in all, this is a good addition to the series, and if you liked the rest of the series, you should definitely read this book!

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