Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Review for The Last Prince by Audrey Noire - 5 out of 5!


Her perfect man is an alien god … if she can trust him

Bridget Gideon’s day has just gone from bad to bizarre. On the run from her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend, she falls through a rip in space-time and lands on a frozen planet inhabited by an alien species — who turn out to be the Celtic gods of old.

The planet may be chilly, but the sexy prince who rescues her is all kinds of hot. Ciarin has spent centuries in solitude since a vindictive curse locked his planet and his people in an icy sleep. His unexpected visitor may not thaw the world, but she soon kindles his desires.

As they work to find a way for Bridget to go back home, the heat between them blazes out of control. Then Prince Ciarin is offered a shocking choice: he can save his planet, but only if he sacrifices the woman he’s come to love. Has Bridget found the man of her dreams, only to be betrayed once more?


Loved this! Bridget is trying to escape from her drug dealer boyfriend and one of his cohorts, when she is transported to a different planet. The planet and its inhabitants have been cursed, and the land has turned into a treacherous frozen wasteland of perpetual Winter, and the majority of its inhabitants have also succumbed to the freezing temperatures and have become frozen themselves. Bridget doesn't know what has happened to her or where she is, but she knows she needs to find shelter before she freezes, but along the way she is put in a perilous situation and is in need of saving, and luckily for her, she is saved by one of the remaining inhabitants of the planet, Ciarin. Ciarin is the youngest prince left on the planet because the rest of his brothers have been frozen by the curse, and he also feels guilt because some of his actions may have led to the condition the planet is in, so he is in a sort of exile from any remaining inhabitants of the planet. After Ciarin saves Bridget, they need to travel across the frozen tundra to another area on the planet in hopes of finding a solution that will allow Bridget to return home, but Ciarin may have different plans in mind for Bridget. Both Ciarin and Bridget try to withhold themselves from the other, but as they travel, they begin to grow closer, and a connection begins to grow between the two, but with secrets and outside forces coming at them, it is becoming more difficult for their connection to grow further. I loved this whole book, the world was really cool, and I loved both Ciarin and Bridget, and I love that we get both Ciarin and Bridget's POV's. Bridget starts out seeming rather young and naïve, but as the story progresses you see her strength and her heart. Ciarin is wonderful and manly, and adorable! The romance between the two was really sweet, and they have some hot and steamy moments. great! Once I started this book I couldn't put it down! I'm really excited to read the next book in this series! This doesn't end in a cliffhanger per se, but there is still a lot more to be had from this story. Looking forward to it!

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