Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review for Renting Romance by Allyson Lindt - 4 out of 5


Andrew Newton owns one of the largest chains of adult content sites in the world. Spending his days looking at dirty pictures should be the ultimate dream, but only one woman matters. Mercy Rowe is the one who got away. When he’s invited to her wedding, he sees the chance to put the past behind him. He doesn’t expect her younger sister Susan to be far more trouble, temptation, and innocence than Mercy ever was.


Despite a few things I could've done without, I enjoyed Renting Romance, and the story kept me interested. In this book, Susan, who is Mercy's sister from the first book in this series, meets Andrew, who is one of Mercy's best friends and who was also her lover at one time, Andrew is in town for Mercy's wedding and to work with Mercy on his ad campaign for the porn company he owns, when he comes across Susan and helps her out of what could've been a bad situation. Andrew and Susan feel an attraction for each other, but Andrew has some reservations about being with Susan, and when Mercy voices her opinion on the matter, that causes Andrew to hesitate further, but Susan and him do begin to build a friendship, and as they grow closer things begin to blossom into more, but insecurities begin to take root causing problems for the two. I liked Susan, I like that she was honest about how she was feeling and that she went for what she wanted. I also liked Andrew, but I could've done without hearing about his past sexual conquests with women and men, and I also don't like that he slept with Susan's sister before, but it wasn't too bad, so I still enjoyed the majority of the story. I was also weary of him being in the porn business, but for the most part, I could look past that to see there was more to Andrew then that, and Andrew is actually a good, decent guy, who is still growing up and working on himself. I do wish there was a bit more depth to the characters, but Andrew and Susan do have good chemistry, and they do have some hot and sweet moments. I like that there is POV's from both Susan and Andrew, and I liked how there relationship developed. I haven't read any of the other books in this series yet, but I'd like to, and I think it isn't necessary to read them to enjoy this book, but there are some spoilers about Mercy's story, so you may want to read the previous books first. The writing was good, and Allyson Lindt tells a good story, so I'd also like to check out some of her other books.

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