Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review for Stolen Kisses: Winter Soltice Run by Merryn Dexter - 5 out of 5!


A woman looking for a connection
Following her grandmother’s death, Sadie Burrows-King leaves the only pack she’s ever known in search of family ties. Crashing into Los Lobos, literally, she finds herself face-to-face with a man who calls to the lonely wolf inside her.

A man on the fringes of society
Orphaned wolf, Easton Quaid, survived the cruel years of Magnum’s reign by the skin of his teeth and the kindness of others, of the pack, but not really part of it. His world turns upside down when a new wolf blows into town. It will take every ounce of patience to claim her as his mate.

Stolen kisses
Set a task in the scavenger hunt, Sadie and Easton must work together. Proximity and attraction lead to stolen kisses and more between the pair. The mating call is strong, but is it too much for her to handle?

Secrets and celebrations
A new family, a new pack, and the temptation of a new mate. Sadie had everything she ever dreamed of, right? As the Winter Solstice celebrations get into full swing, old secrets are revealed. Sadie faces the decision of her life. Is she a solid, reliable Burrows, or a flighty, untrustworthy King? It’s not only her heart at risk if she makes the wrong choice.


This is a cute, fun short story with a sweet romance, and I really enjoyed it, and it's perfect for the Winter season. Sadie is a werewolf, who is in search of her grandmother's pack because she no longer felt comfortable with her old pack. Sadie is traveling in snowy conditions, when she is left stranded, but luckily she finds help in the form of Easton. Easton and Sadie have a connection, but with Sadie being new to the area and a bit wary, the two begin a friendship. Sadie hopes to find a place where she can feel like she belongs, and Easton hopes it is with him. This was great! The chemistry between Sadie and Easton is wonderful and they are adorable together, and have some hot moments! I also love the shifter aspect, and I liked the jovial, quirky attitudes of the other pack members. Sadie and Easton are both likable, and I liked getting a bit of backstory on Easton. It really helped that we get dual POV's, so as readers, we can get a better sense of who both Easton and Sadie are individually. I would have been happy if this story were longer, but this story did feel whole to me, and was a satisfying read. I haven't read the other books in this series, so I don't know the other Character's stories, but after reading this, I would love to check out more books in this series and by Merryn Dexter.

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