Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review for Warrior Beautiful by Wendy Knight - 5 out of 5!


Working with the ex you secretly love to save the souls of the innocent is almost as bad as working with a mighty battle unicorn who would be thrilled to watch you plummet to your death.
Scout is used to pain. Her body has been broken, her heart has been broken, and the only thing keeping her together is her relationship with her younger sister. Lil Bit believes in unicorns and terrifying monsters she calls soul stealers. But unicorns and monsters aren’t real…are they?
When Lil Bit falls prey to the mysterious disease sweeping the country, Scout has two options – believe the doctors who say it’s a pandemic or believe Lil Bit, who says it’s the soul stealers. She chooses her sister and goes looking for the unicorns who are supposed to save them. What she finds aren’t the cute pastel mythical creatures she expects. Battle unicorns are big and tough and full of attitude. Who knew?
Unicorns are real and so are the monsters. Soul stealers are reaping the souls of the innocent, and the unicorns are fighting to stop them. But to save the world, they need the help of humans – the enemy they’re dying to protect. And first to sign up for the fight is the ex-boyfriend Scout’s heart won’t stop loving, no matter how determined she is to hate him.


This is super awesome!!! Unicorns!!! Love it! Scout was in an accident about a year ago, and her boyfriend, Trey, didn't come see her in the hospital and started dating other people, so she does whatever she can to avoid him because it is difficult for her to see him because despite how hard she tries not to, she still loves him. There's also something weird going on, people are falling into comas for no apparent reason, so people are afraid they to will fall ill, but Scout's little sister, Lil Bit, sees things and tells Scout that what may be causing the comas may be something more sinister and less explainable than a simple illness. When Lil Bit falls victim to whatever the mysterious force is, Scout will do anything to save her sister. Along for the ride is Trey, and unfortunately for Scout, Trey's girlfriend, but Scout can't let that stop her from finding out what in the World is going on. Scout and company find help in the form of Unicorns, which is totally awesome, and some epic battles take place. Scout has lingering pain from her accident, so she thinks of herself as weak and she needs to find her strength, and believe in herself. Scout is a wonderful character, and I loved her! She's doesn't always excel, but she doesn't give up and she gives it her all. Trey needed to catch a clue a lot sooner! Jeez, boys are stupid sometimes! I felt bad for both Scout and his girlfriend! Luckily, we get some chapters in his POV, so we get some insight into his thought process, so I actually liked the guy. Scout and his story is actually really sweet, and it was tough to read how hurt Scout is by Trey's actions. I loved all the different types of unicorns, and getting to see an unicorn utopia of sorts, and I loved all the magical elements. I read this book in one sitting! Interesting and entertaining till the very end! Love Wendy Knight's writing! I need the next one now!!!