Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review for Called by the Vampire by V. Vaughn - 3 out of 5


Maggie was supposed to be dead. But Sebastian stepped in at the last minute to change her life forever, and now Maggie has to face instincts and handle evils she never wanted. Sebastian thought he was saving her, but the reality may be that he’s thrust her into a world she feels is worse than hell.

Lyndsey publicly steps into her role as a Princess and discovers it’s no fairy tale. She’s faced with a challenge that defies all the rules she used to know. In an instant, her moral compass has to change because her first act as Princess sets the course for centuries as the future Queen of the O’Kelly kingdom.


In this installment, Maggie has been turned into a vampire against her will, and she handles it badly. Lyndsey is dealing with being a princess vampire, and coping with being a little more vicious than she expected. Sebastian and Alexander were in both stories and the girls are never together, so I'm not quite sure of the timeline because it seems as if they couldn't have been at both events if they were timed close together. Lyndsey's story didn't really progress any, so that's a bit of a disappointment. Maggie is going through the stages of turning into a vampire, so she is extra whiney, and was getting on my nerves. This installment didn't work for me, and felt unneeded. Also, I don't see how Maggie could still be into Alexander, when he is completely aloof and absent from her life. I think I'm ready for this series to wrap up. The installments don't progress the story enough for my liking, and the characters lack depth and aren't growing. The story does have some entertaining moments, and I do want to see where these characters end up.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review for Red: An Adult Fractured Fairy Tale by J.E. Taylor - 5 out of 5!


What happens when a werewolf hunter falls for her prey?

Red Locklear regularly hunts all manner of woodland prey, but her favorite kill is the beast that tore her parents apart. The werewolf. Especially the ones that think they own her forest.

When her grandmother does not come back from a foraging run, Red dons her quiver of silver arrows and heads out to find the woman who took her in after her parents were cut down by a wolf pack.

What she finds in the woods isn’t anything like the animals she hunted in the past. Instead, she finds a lone wolf looking for a human connection. Her job is to extinguish the life of these horrid creatures, but seeing the compassionate side of the fiend changes everything Red has ever believed.


Loved this fairy tale retelling! Red has elements from the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, but the book doesn't follow the storyline of the fairy tale. Red is a werewolf hunter, she's the only female on the team in her village. Red's family was murdered by a werewolf, so she has no problem killing werewolves. When Red's grandmother doesn't return on time, Red goes against the curfew law to find her grandmother. When she sees a werewolf protecting her grandmother, she doesn't know what to think. Her instinct is to kill the werewolf, but there's something different about this werewolf. Red is a strong character, and I loved how she stands up for what she believes in. The romance is sweet and has a couple slightly spicy moments, I would've actually loved for there to be more to the romance because I loved what was already there, and I wanted more of it. The storyline is great, and I loved the sense of action and adventure in Red. Loved this retelling, and look forward to more from J.E. Taylor!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Review for Inseparable by Siobhan Davis - 3 out of 5


A childhood promise. An unbreakable bond. One tragic event that shatters everything.

It all started with the boys next door…

Devin and Ayden were my best friends. We were practically joined at the hip since age two. When we were kids, we thought we were invincible, inseparable, that nothing or no one could come between us.

But we were wrong.

Everything turned to crap our senior year of high school.

Devin was turning into a clone of his deadbeat lowlife father—fighting, getting wasted, and screwing his way through every girl in town. I’d been hiding a secret crush on him for years. Afraid to tell him how I felt in case I ruined everything. So, I kept quiet and slowly watched him self-destruct with a constant ache in my heart.

Where Devin was all brooding darkness, Ayden was the shining light. Our star quarterback with the bright future whom everyone loved. But something wasn’t right. He was so guarded, and he wouldn’t let me in.

When Devin publicly shamed me, Ayden took my side, and our awesome-threesome bond was severed. The split was devastating. The heartbreak inevitable.

Ayden and I moved on with our lives, but the pain never lessened, and Devin was never far from our thoughts.

Until it all came to a head in college, and one eventful night changed everything.

Now, I’ve lost the two people who matter more to me than life itself. Nothing will ever be the same again.

A standalone new adult contemporary romance with a happy ending. Only suitable for readers aged eighteen and older due to mature content and possible triggers.


This is so hard for me to rate! Siobhan Davis' writing is still super great, and there were parts of this story that I loved. The romance is really sweet, and the depth of feeling between the characters is really wonderful. I guessed early on the twists in the story, but I don't think they were obvious. The whole Becky thing and what is up with Ayden were clear to me, and I really felt like the characters should've been more aware. There's lots of angst and emotional overload going on in Inseparable, so be prepared for the drama! What I couldn't stand was I just ended up being so disappointed in Angelina, she makes some decisions that just ruined the rest of the book for me. Her actions were just too much for me, and I just wanted to finish the book; any of the deep connection between the characters felt tainted to me, and I couldn't appreciate it any more. Angelina has 2 guy best friends, and when they were kids they were really close, but as they age things start getting in the way of their friendship. Angelina loves Devin, but he's a manwhore and doesn't think he's good enough for Angelina, so he continues to push her away. Ayden is the golden boy athlete, and tries to be there for Angelina when Devin seems to be going off the rails. All of these characters made horrible decisions about things, and all were naïve about so many things, but they are teenagers, so it's to be expected. There's also a time jump. which I'm never a fan of. There's lots of disturbing actions in this book, and this characters are quite damaged. I just don't think I like reading about people degrading themselves so much. This book left me feeling unsatisfied. I so wanted to love it, and I love the premise, but it just took a turn that left me unfulfilled. I think there's plenty of readers who would enjoy this book, and for most of the book I did enjoy it. As I said, the writing is amazing. I'll definitely continue to read Siobhan Davis' books, she's one of my favorite authors. The book is entertaining and I read it in one sitting, so that proves it's engrossing. That's why this was so hard for me to rate!

Review for Deck the Halls by Donna Alward - 4 out of 5


With shades of It’s a Wonderful Life, one man must face his past to find his future this Christmas.

In the last year, George's life has drastically changed. The formerly homeless veteran now has a job he likes, a family in the residents of Darling, VT, and for the first time in years, a home. But while his present is good, he's still haunted by the past, a past that appears shortly before Christmas when the older sister of his brother-in-arms hunts him down and finds him in Darling, working at the Ladybug Garden Center.

Amy’s looking for closure for her family after her brother's death in the Middle East, but the serious man she finds working in Vermont doesn’t resemble the soldier she remembers from years before. This man is hardened and yet somehow fragile, too, and in her desire to find out what really happened to her brother, she learns more about George than she ever expected.

With a little Christmas magic and the whole town supporting them, can these two bruised hearts make a future together?


Cute and quick Christmas romance. In this book, the reader gets a look more into George's past. I'd recommend at least reading the first book in this series before this one, to at least get introduced to George. He was a soldier whose best friend was killed, which caused him to have PTSD. He went into a destructive mode, and ended up homeless. He's finally getting his life back on track, but he still has some issues. In this story, Amy is George's best friend's sister, and she has tracked George down. She wants to know more about what happened to her brother, but George doesn't want to get into it because it brings up bad memories. Amy has tenacity though, and they begin to rekindle an attraction they had when they were younger. This is a story full of hope, redemption, and the romance is sweet. It was great to see George open up more about his past, and work towards healing. Good read.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Review for Sword's Call by CA Szarek - 4 out of 5


Book one in the Fantasy Romance series, The King's Riders!

For generations, the Ryhans, ruling family of the Province of Greenwald, have been keepers of a sword rumored to possess enough magic to defeat kings. Lord Varthan, a former archduke and betrayer of the king, covets the sword and invades Greenwald.

Lady Ceralda Ryhan, daughter of the murdered duke, gains the sword and flees, trusting only her white wolf, Trikser-magically bonded to her. Cera needs nothing more to aid in her fight.

Jorrin Aldern, half elfin and half human, left his home in the mountains of Aramour to find his human father who disappeared twenty turns before, but finds Cera with Varthan and his shades on her tail instead.

His dual heritage and empathic magic will tempt Cera in ways she never thought she'd desire. But can he convince her trust and love can pave the path to redemption-or will the epic battle end in tragedy, and evil conquer them all?


This is an entertaining story, and normally I don't enjoy the medieval type setting, but I liked it here. I listened to the audiobook of Sword's Call, and I enjoyed the narrator. She has an accent that works with this type of story. I'd recommend listening! Ceralda is in hiding because there's an enemy that has killed her family and is in search of her and a magical sword she has. She helps out a half elf, half human, Jorrin, and the two join forces to help each other. There's also an attraction between the two, but they have trouble getting past some things. The romance is sweet, and definitely gets sexy! The scenes aren't super detailed, but they do have some spice. There is some adventure that I loved, but I would've loved more of it. There are a lot of POV's and I think it would've been nice to have less. That time could've been spent on the journey that Ceralda is on, and that would've added more adventure. I liked Ceralda, but man oh man! she makes horrible decisions. She says she has a "plan" during one of her more stupid decisions, but really she didn't have a plan. She also jumps to conclusion too quickly, so that shows her immaturity and naivety during those times. I still loved the connection between Jorrin and her though. Jorrin has his moments too, but they are young, so they are bound to make some mistakes. The story is interesting and there's a lot going on, but the author did a great job of pulling it all together. I look forward to the next book! This one is a complete story, and it looks like the next one features new main characters, but still has characters from this book, so I'm excited to see where the characters go!

Review for Darker by EL James - 5 out of 5!


E L James revisits the world of Fifty Shades with a deeper and darker take on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the globe.

Their scorching, sensual affair ended in heartbreak and recrimination, but Christian Grey cannot get Anastasia Steele out of his mind, or his blood. Determined to win her back, he tries to suppress his darkest desires and his need for complete control, and to love Ana on her own terms.

But the horrors of his childhood still haunt him, and Ana’s scheming boss, Jack Hyde, clearly wants her for himself. Can Christian’s confidant and therapist, Dr. Flynn, help him face down his demons? Or will the possessiveness of Elena, his seducer, and the deranged devotion of Leila, his former submissive, drag Christian down into the past?

And if Christian does win Ana back, can a man so dark and damaged ever hope to keep her?


So, I totally love Christian Grey's POV! It's been awhile since I had read the original books, so I'm so loving these books! I listened to the audiobook version, and I highly recommend it! The narrator is perfect, and I also listened to Grey with the same narrator, which was also amazing! I loved getting Christian's POV for some of my favorite scenes! The only thing I don't love is how much of a moron Christian is about she who shan't be named! She's such a skeeze! I hate how he stands up for her! My violent side comes out anytime her name is mentioned. She needed to be punched not slapped. I also don't care for the scenes of Christian with his past submissives, but luckily the scenes aren't too bad. I still don't like it though. I loved loved loved everything else though! Christian is wonderful, and the romance and soul deep connection between Ana and Him is amazing! I so hope the next book comes out very, very soon! At least the third movie is coming out soon! That'll help a bit. So excited for it!

Review for It Must Be Christmas: Three Holiday Stories - 5 out of 5!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when love is in the cold and frosty air—and desire reaches the boiling point. . .

Hot Toy
From New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie comes a hilarious, sexy story about a determined shopper who grabs the last action figure off the shelf, only to find herself plunged into the arms of a sexy secret agent. Mayhem under the mistletoe ensues. Business as usual this Christmas season…right?

Christmas with the Billionaire Rancher
Nate wants to stay away from all the women who want his money in Mandy Baxter’s story set deep in the heart of Texas. But when gorgeous do-gooder Chloe Benson comes knocking at his door—in search of funds for her charity—Nate can’t ignore the passion he feels for her. Maybe love is priceless after all?

Christmas at Seashell Cottage
’Tis the season in Jewell Cove when local doctor Charlie Yang finds her quiet, steady life disrupted by both an abandoned baby in the nativity manger and ex-SEAL Dave Ricker. Are these turn of events too good to be true? Or is Christmas working its magic—for real— Donna Alward’s heartwarming holiday story?


Cute, fun, and sexy short stories! Perfect for the Christmas season! I really enjoyed all three stories! I'd say each story is a 4 star read, but I added a star because I love Christmas romances! It's great to have these stories together! Here's my review for each story.

Hot Toy by Jennifer Crusie -

This was cute and fun, and I loved that there was humor through out the whole thing. I loved Trudy's attitude, and how determined she was to get that toy for her nephew, no matter what she had to go through. The scenario was a bit out there, I don't really see that scenario happening, but hey, it was still lots of fun. There's not really too much romance in this; really only a couple kisses, but I still enjoyed the chemistry and banter between Trudy and Nolan. I also enjoyed Trudy's relationship with her sister; they have some fun conversations. I definitely wanted a bit more in the end, but this was a great read for me. Finished it in no time at all! I originally read this story in a different Christmas collection, so just a notice that this isn't a new story for this Christmas set. All in all, fun to read for the season. Entertaining Christmas read!

Christmas at Seashell Cottage by Donna Alward -

This one is cute, and the romance is sweet. I don't love the scenario with the baby, but I still enjoyed the story. The heroine, Charlie, is a bit reserved, and has a crush on the new guy in town, Dave. Charlie connects with Dave while volunteering at church, and they begin to grow closer, but when they find an abandoned baby in the manger in place of Jesus, things get a little hectic. Charlie and Dave are a cute couple, and I enjoyed reading about their relationship progressing.

Christmas with the Billionaire Bachelor by Mandy Baxter -

This one was the steamiest! Lots of sexy times, and sizzle. While the other 2 stories were on the more wholesome side, this one definitely goes the other direction. The connection between Chloe and Nate is great, and I liked the premise of this story. Nate's rich dad has died, and Nate has inherited lots of money. Nate and his dad didn't get along very well, since his dad sucked, so he doesn't want the money. Chloe needs money to keep her charity for young street kids open, so she plans to ask Nate, but once she meets him the connection between the two can't be denied. They get hot and heavy really fast, but they have some issues they need to work through. I liked Nate’s gruffness, and Chloe and him have some sweet moments. Entertaining read.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Review for Centaur's Prize: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romace Sagittrius by Catherine Banks - 4 out of 5


The centaur’s prized possession was lost and as the guard on duty that night, all blame is placed on Lysander. For punishment, they exiled him to the human’s world, away from his herd and the only life he had known. The only way he can get back to Olympus is to find the lost item. A feat made much more difficult when a gorgeous, tall, and leggy blonde trots into his life.
Mendra is the last of her kind, a Pegasus with the ability to shift into human form or equine form. Her mother told her wild tales about lands with centaurs, satyrs, Gods, and heroes, but she never believed them. Until she met a man like her, a man who could shift into equine form and tells her similar stories. He asks for her help finding a lost item, so he can return to Olympus and his herd. She wants to help him, but she’s afraid to lose the one person who makes her feel like she’s home.
Lysander convinces Mendra to help him, but as they search for the lost item, he isn’t so certain he wants to return home. Life with the humans is so much different than Olympus and his heart aches at the thought of leaving Mendra behind, alone in a world without a herd of her own. Will his arrow fly true, or will they lose more than they ever imagined?


I enjoyed that this book deals with equine shifters, and the romance is cute. This is a short story, and I was interested till the end, so that's a plus. The story could've used a bit more depth, and everything was just way to easy. All the bad guys are rather pleasant, it was weird, lol. I would've liked for the book to have more of an ending as well, it wraps up, but I was surprised that that was it. I liked both main characters, Lysander and Mendra, they are sweet together. Everything felt rather tame in the book, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The story overall is entertaining, and I enjoyed the premise of searching for a missing magical item. I would've loved if there was more mystery and adventure surrounding the magical object, but I still enjoyed that aspect. Fun, quick, interesting read!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Review for Clawed by Kym Dillon - 5 out of 5!


Heart pounding, knees weak, stomach fluttering… being hunted through the jungle isn’t the only thing affecting her. The sexy panther shifter calls to her in a primal way that cannot be denied.

Dr. Jessica Delaney is on a mission to save lives deep in the wilds of sub-Saharan Tanzania. When her small transport plane crashes, she finds that the untamed jungles of Africa are more savage than anything she could have imagined.

Luckily, she’s not alone.

Marcus Van Den Berg, the attractive pilot with her, knows all kinds of survival secrets. Marcus is capable not only of protecting her, but of keeping her warm and satisfied throughout the night.

The secret he guards, however, is something beyond belief. Something that will leave Jessica’s life forever changed.


This was great! Loved the jungle setting, and loved all the different types of shifters! The romance is really great too! Jessica needs to get medicine to some tribe in the middle of nowhere. Marcus ends up helping her get there, but these 2 end up in some very dangerous situations. Marcus is a jaguar shifter, and has some enemies after him. Marcus and Jessica have some hot chemistry, and they are too adorable! Love the adventure! Entertaining! I've already bought the box set with the next 2 books! It comes with all 3 books! Excited to read them! There's more story to tell!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Review for The Trouble with Twelfth Grave by Darynda Jones - 5 out of 5!


Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the twelfth installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series.

Ever since Reyes escaped from a hell dimension in which Charley accidently trapped him, the son of Satan has been brimstone-bent on destroying the world his heavenly Brother created. His volatile tendencies have put Charley in a bit of a pickle. But that’s not the only briny vegetable on her plate. While trying to domesticate the feral being that used to be her husband, she also has to deal with her everyday life of annoying all manner of beings—some corporeal, some not so much—as she struggles to right the wrongs of society. Only this time she’s not uncovering a murder. This time she’s covering one up.

Add to that her new occupation of keeping a startup PI venture—the indomitable mystery-solving team of Amber Kowalski and Quentin Rutherford—out of trouble and dealing with the Vatican’s inquiries into her beloved daughter, and Charley is on the brink of throwing in the towel and becoming a professional shopper. Or possibly a live mannequin. But when someone starts attacking humans who are sensitive to the supernatural world, Charley knows it’s time to let loose her razor sharp claws. Then again, her number one suspect is the dark entity she’s loved for centuries. So the question becomes, can she tame the unruly beast before it destroys everything she’s worked so hard to protect?


I'm still loving this series and it's on book 12! Definitely read from the beginning! Love the humor, and totally love Reyes! I always want more Reyes! In this installment, Charley once again has many cases and situations she's trying to solve. Reyes was trapped in some hell dimension type of place, but he's back, but he's not exactly Reyes, so Charley needs to figure out how to deal with that. Plus, there's a murderer on the loose. Love Charley and Reyes! There romance is beyond adorable and sexy, and I just love the chemistry between them. These books need a lot more Reyes and Charley being adorable together! Love all the side characters too! Well, except for Garrett, I don't know what it is about his character, but I haven't cared for him since book one, so I'd be fine if he died heroically. This book as the others ends with a not so good situation, so I'm biting my nails in anticipation for the next book! One of my favorite series! Clever and fun with lots of heart!

Review for Tristan by V. Vaughn - 4 out of 5


Everything Cassie Nichols hoped for in life has finally fallen into place. She’s madly in love with her sexy alien husband Tristan, has a client who will make her a partner at her law firm and a baby on the way. But her perfect life falls apart in an instant when she’s taken to the hospital and discovers she has to be on bedrest until her child is born. The condition puts her job in jeopardy, and threatens the financial stability of her family. To make matters worse a startling discovery about Tristan is made. One that could land him in jail. As Cassie tries to save everything she’s worked so hard to get she discovers she can’t do it alone. But can she find a way to trust the Tristan she thought she knew?


I enjoy this series for a quick, interesting read. Love the whole alien premise, and the romances are sexy and sweet. After reading a few of the books in this series, I'm starting to see a pattern of the heroines being rather quick to temper and they often are rude. V. Vaughn doesn't paint a good picture of women, and I'm starting to dislike that aspect in Vaughn's books. In Tristan, Cassie is already married to her alien mate, but she is the bread winner of the couple, and she's very adamant not to have it any other way. When she becomes pregnant and needs to be on bed rest, she doesn't handle it very well. She treats her husband, Tristan, very poorly, and acts irrational at times. I like Tristan, and I'm glad he stands up for himself. This one didn't end on a satisfying note for me, which was a disappointment. The book is entertaining, but I do wish the author would develop the characters a bit more. I suppose that isn't really the purpose of this series, so I'll let that slide some. Despite the couple negatives, I still liked this book, and look forward to the next.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review for Out of the Ashes by Julia Mills - 4 out of 5


Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance, #3: Out of the Ashes: Pisces

The mission is simple – get into the enemy camp, free the Guardians, return the demons to Hell and go home the victor. For a Daughter of Poseidon, that’s called a good day at work.

Everything is going as planned. Una, eldest daughter and Guardian of Pisces, has checked one and two off her list, and is headed to three when things get complicated. Brody Mason bows at her feet, pledging his allegiance to not only her but the gods and the Light. As a show of loyalty, he promises to take her to the portal from Hell and with his own blood help her close the door on the Underworld. This one act will rid the world of evil forever. There’s only one problem…he’s a Hellhound.

It doesn’t matter that there’s fire in his eyes or that he smells of brimstone, she can feel the truth in his words. It also doesn’t hurt that with just one glance he sets her heart ablaze and her pulse racing. Not that this is about love or lust, it is all about saving the world, protecting the humans, defeating evil…or is it?

One leap of faith leads Una and Brody on a race against time and facing the fight of their lives. Hiding from Poseidon, Hades and an army of Guardians led by her sisters, this couple may have the best intentions but in the end, isn’t that what paves the road to Hell?


Love that Out of the Ashes deals with some of the Gods like Hades and Poseidon, and love that there's hellhound shifters! Una is a daughter of Poseidon, and she is on a mission to send some demons that causing amuck back to Hell. When she rescues some prisoners, she feels a connection with one of the prisoners, but it's against rules for her to feel anything for Brody. Brody is a hellhound, and that isn't something people look too kindly on. Brody knows Una and him have a connection that can't be denied, but with many obstacles in their way, they may not get a happily ever after. There's lots of fun and adventure in this book, and the romance is really sweet. Enjoyable and entertaining read that kept me interested till the very end! Great!

Review for Harmony by Julia Mills - 4 out of 5


Get away from the city, they said.
You’ll love it in the country, they promised.
You inherited a frikkin’ mansion, whatcha got to lose?

Yeah, well, that’s the last time I listen to those boobs!

It wasn’t bad enough that my Pepto-Bismal-pink VW van went missing. But now, Ernesto the Parrot keeps making obscene comments about my butt, Wendy, the one-eyed cat is having a mid-life crisis and Festus, the dancing donkey has gone on an all vegan diet. Oh, and let me not forget that my dearly-departed Auntie Dot is not-so dearly-departed and she’s trying to fix me up with a dead guy.

I swear, the next time somebody leaves me a house… I’m not moving in, I’m just droppin’ it on one of my relatives.

See ya’ in Asscrack. Anything’s better than this crap.


This series is always quick and fun to read, and I enjoy the sweet romances in each book. In Harmony, Harmony sees ghosts; among other crazy things, and because of this hijinks ensue. This book is a little hard to explain because there's a lot going on, and I think that may have been the main reason I didn't go for the 5 star; it's too hectic at times. That being said, I enjoy the humor in this book, and once Harmony focused, the story progressed better. The romance aspect is Harmony is feeling more than she should for one of the ghosts that hangs around her house. I would've actually loved the book to focus a bit more on the romance aspect, but I liked what was there. Kooky, fun, entertaining read!

Review for Dragon Glass by Kathryn M. Hearst - 4 out of 5


Lord of House Scorpio, Zale Argyris is a man who rules his people and his emotions. Few would guess that beneath his calm, cool exterior are wounds as deep as the ocean. After an encounter with a female dragon leaves him injured, he suspects the fates do in fact have a twisted sense of humor--the rogue dragon is his mate.

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Mericela Christou has lived on borrowed time since childhood. When a man washes up on her beach, she's caught between following doctor's orders and spending one night behaving like a normal woman--not that normal women rescue sexy, castaway billionaires.

The tentative peace of the four dragon races is threatened when a new power rises...and Meri must decide between playing it safe or risking everything for her future--a future where she could lose more than her heart.


Loved the unique storyline, and loved the idea of sea glass being made by dragons! I loved the opening scene of this book, Meri wakes up on the beach missing some memories, and she stumbles upon a man, Zale, injured on the beach. Meri has some weird illness, and is mistreated by many because of it, so she's a bit sheltered and trusts in some people that she shouldn't. Zale happens to be a dragon shifter, and feels a connection with Meri, but doesn't know the right way to let her in on some secrets he knows. I enjoyed the bit of mystery in this story, and I like that Meri grows stronger as the story progresses. The romance is sweet and sexy. I would've like a little more emotion from Zale, but overall, the relationship between the two was great. Fun and unique adventure with a bit of mystery! This was the first book I've read by Hearst, and after this I look forward to more! So far, I'm really enjoying the Zodiac shifters series! It's great to see shifters blend with the zodiac signs! Excited to read more!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review for The Right Kind of Reckless by Heather Van Fleet - 5 out of 5!


I'm in love with a woman I can't have, and there's absolutely nothing I can do to stop myself from falling.

The problem? Her brother's my best friend.

I shouldn't want her this much. Not when it goes against the bro code. Not when I've never been able to commit to a woman for longer than a night.

But one look into her eyes and I'm a mess for her. She's my everything. And I have to walk away with nothing.


This is a sweet story, and I like that the characters are in their mid-20's, and for the most part acted it. I also liked that Lia is sassy and tattooed, and that she wasn't putting her life on hold waiting for Max. The opening scene with Max was gross, but I do like him. He's tough and light-hearted, and once he decided that he's being an idiot staying away from Lia, he wasn't going to let anything stand in the way. This is a friends to lovers, best friend's sister romance, and I love both of those aspects; mainly the best friend's sister romance part, so I loved the angst behind trying to fight the attraction they have for each other. Max and Lia are really cute and adorable together! I didn't read the first book before this one, and I don't feel like I needed to, but reading this one does make me want to read the first book since those characters are involved in this story. I'm also interested to read the next book in this series, I enjoy books that deal with PTSD, so I think I'll love that one! Good writing, entertaining read, and sweet, sexy romance!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review for Claws, Class, and a Whole Lotta Sass by Julia Mills - 4 out of 5


Hiding in plain sight as the Pack Healer for a bunch of wolves was the perfect cover…

Using ancient magic to hide her true nature hadn’t always been easy, but it beat the hell outta being dead...then he waltzed in. Six foot-nine inches of pure male dragon, looking better than a man had a right to and making her dragoness wake from a long hibernation to spread her wings, not only rocked Dannika’s world, it almost turned it upside-down. As if that wasn’t bad enough, an evil as old as time and twice as deadly has reared its ugly head. Her ability to hide behind her patented sassy attitude may have kept Dannika safe for all these years, but now the future of all things paranormal is at stake and only she holds the key to its survival...well, at least part of it.

It was supposed to be a simple cross country trip, but then, he’d heard that somewhere before…
Since the death of his father almost a century ago, Wolfe McCallum’s life had been a series of incredible ups and devastating downs that made riding a roller coaster seem like a walk in the park. It also didn’t help that he freely admitted to being more stubborn than a mule and twice as contrary. He prided himself on being able to outlast, out argue, or just plain irritate anyone on the planet into giving up without raising a single claw or breaking a sweat...until he damn near tripped over the most beautiful woman in the world.

One look…one kiss…one extraordinary night…

Secrets unlocked, Destiny knocking at the door, and a Fate that will not be denied. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, be prepared for sudden stops, and by all means – buckle up. Fireworks are the least of your worries when one bull-headed dragon and his sassy-since-birth dragoness are faced with saving not only themselves, but everyone and everything they hold dear.

The Universe may not make mistakes, but She doesn’t make things easy either. It’s gonna take claws, class, and a whole lotta sass to save the day this time.


I enjoy these short shifter reads from Julia Mills! I loved the premise for this one, and I always love when shifters find their mates. In Claws, Class, and a Whole Lotta Sass, dragon shifter, Wolfe, needs to go help out some other shifters with a problem that proves to be more dangerous than first anticipated. Wolfe also meets, Dannika, who just so happens to be his mate. Wolfe and Dannika try to deny the attraction, but that doesn't last very long. Dannika has some great sass, and Wolfe is great, and these 2 have some sexy times. I do feel like the scene shifts weren't quite smooth, and I don't feel like the story was fully realized. There seemed to be missing scenes that would've helped the flow of the story, and added more depth. Even with those issues, I still really enjoyed the read, and will continue to read Julia Mills!

Review for Love of the Dragon by Anna Lowe - 5 out of 5!


Dragons, duty, destined mates, and a deadly rival...
Silas Llewellyn, the last of a once-mighty dragon clan, doesn’t have time for anything but work and duty. He certainly doesn’t have time for love — not with a ruthless enemy plotting to destroy everything he holds dear. When a priceless diamond — one of the legendary Spirit Stones — surfaces in New York, Silas knows the jewel is nothing but trouble…just like the alluring woman who refuses to relinquish the gem.

Bartender Cassandra Nichols never asked to inherit a mysterious diamond, and she really never intended to come between two warring dragons. But with one near-miss escape after another, she has no choice but to choose sides. Before she knows it, she’s whisked by private jet to an oceanfront estate in Hawaii for her own “protection.” Is the enigmatic Mr. Llewellyn just another billionaire dragon who thinks he can claim anything he wants? Or is there more to the soulful stranger than meets the eye?


This series continues to be one of my favorites! Love seeing Silas find love, and I always love the adventures surrounding the magical crystals! I suppose this could be read as a standalone, but there are previous characters in this book, and there is a story throughout the whole series, so I think it's better to read from the beginning. I also listened to the audio book version of this book, and I really enjoy the narrator's performance, and would recommend listening to this series! In Love of the Dragon, dragon shifter, Silas, is sort of the head of a group of shifters. There's dragon shifters, a bear shifter, wolf shifter, and a tiger shifter! Read the previous books for their stories! Silas takes on a lot of responsibility, and with evil dragon shifter, Drax, trying to rule the world, he's got a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Cassandra is aware of shifters, but she's been warned against them. She's also in possession of one of the wind stone, which has magical properties over the wind. When Silas and Cassandra meet, there's an attraction between the two that won't be denied. Cassandra needs to decide if she can trust Silas and his group because being in possession of the wind stone has put her in a very dangerous position. Lots of fun action, and sexy, hot romance to be had in Love of the Dragon! Love the Hawaiian setting, and the opening scene at the auction was great! Looking forward to the next book!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Review for Roadside Assistance by Marie Harte - 5 out of 5!


Underneath the axle grease and tats
He's a gentleman

Foley Sanders figured he'll always be content with a life of cars and casual hookups. Until a run-in with Cyn, a statuesque firecracker with a hate-on for men, leaves him bewitched and intrigued-much to her annoyance.

Maybe Cynthia Nichols was a little hard on Foley, that muscular, tattooed, super-hot mechanic next door. But she's tired of feeling defensive about her size and has sworn off men. She's got a new job, new life, perfect plan. Foley has trouble written all over him-no way is she going to fall for his charms.

Foley might look like a bad idea, but underneath, he's all gentleman. Too bad Cyn's not buying it. What's a bad boy to do when the goddess of his dreams won't give him the time of day?


Love this series! I enjoy the way Marie Harte tells a story, and I really enjoy her characters. Plus, there's wonderful sexiness going on, so that adds to the entertainment value of this book. I enjoy the heart and humor the author brings into the story. Foley is a tattooed, sexy mechanic, who meets Cynthia (Cyn), and doesn't know what hit him! Cyn is sassy and independent, but she has some body issues because she has curves and Cyn has a complicated relationship with her mother. Cyn and Foley can't deny the intense pull they feel for each other, but they have some obstacles in their way; especially when Sam, Foley's best friend, starts acting like a douche. I loved the connection between Cyn and Foley, and Foley is wonderful! They have some hot times together, and they are too cute! Super entertaining story! Loved the whole thing! Excited for the next book!

Review for Safe at Home by Christina Kirby - 4 out of 5


Driven by fear and desperate to protect her family, Samantha is forced to leave Chicago and everything she's worked to achieve, only to start over by tossing a dart-at-the-map. The Georgia townsfolk's true Southern charm is the unexpected prescription needed to heal her soul, and the sexy carpenter who touches her heart are distractions she didn't plan on, but they might offer her a chance at a new life, if she can let go of her past. Town heartbreaker Spencer Malloy isn't looking for anything serious. His days are perfect working as a contractor, attending his nephew's baseball games, or taking him fishing. He never expects to fall for the big city girl, Samantha. She's not his type, timid and closed off, but in her unguarded moments, he's intrigued by the woman he can't get out of his mind. The urge to get closer to her grows stronger each day, and when the shadow of evil resurfaces, he vows to protect Samantha, even if it means abandoning his home and joining her on the run. When confronted by the man who's bent on revenge, Samantha must choose between running again to save the people she loves, or, if she has the strength, to stay and fight for her new life.


Loved the suspense aspect, and loved the overall plot of Safe at Home! I love stalker books, and this one was an interesting one. Entertaining story that kept me interested till the very end! Sam has left her old life behind, and is restarting in a small town. An incident happened where she used to live, and because of it, she's in danger. Sam doesn't want to drag anyone else into the mess her life has become, so she's sort of closed off, but when the contractor comes over to help fix up her house, she can't deny the attraction she feels. Spencer and Sam's relationship is a bit of a slow burn, and it's also a sweet one. I liked seeing them grow more intimate with each other. I liked Sam, but I do think with how affected she is by the past, that she would've taken more precautions and figured out certain things quicker. I don't really get why she doesn't call the police when a certain major thing happens, and also why she feels such guilt over the past, since it seems that the events were already in progress, but I suppose it's tough to see straight sometimes. The author actually went pretty intense with some of the scenes, which I was a bit surprised by since the story felt more on the wholesome side at times, but I think the intensity of the scenes helped the suspense element. I listened to the audio book for this story, and the narration was good, but a little robotic and lack a bit of emotion. It's clear though, and the quality is good, so I'd still recommend getting the audio if you could. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to more from Christina Kirby!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Review for Grey by E.L. James - 5 out of 5!


See the world of Fifty Shades of Grey anew through the eyes of Christian Grey.

In Christian's own words, and through his thoughts, reflections, and dreams, E L James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the world.

Christian Grey exercises control in all things; his world is neat, disciplined, and utterly empty—until the day that Anastasia Steele falls into his office, in a tangle of shapely limbs and tumbling brown hair. He tries to forget her, but instead is swept up in a storm of emotion he cannot comprehend and cannot resist. Unlike any woman he has known before, shy, unworldly Ana seems to see right through him—past the business prodigy and the penthouse lifestyle to Christian’s cold, wounded heart.

Will being with Ana dispel the horrors of his childhood that haunt Christian every night? Or will his dark sexual desires, his compulsion to control, and the self-loathing that fills his soul drive this girl away and destroy the fragile hope she offers him?


Totally loved this! I listened to the audiobook of Grey, and the narrator is perfect for Christian Grey! He has a wonderful tone to his voice, and he really drew you into the story. I definitely recommend listening if you have the opportunity! I love the whole Fifty Shades series, so I knew I'd most likely love this! I'm so excited for the next book in Christian's POV! I've already got the audio pre-ordered! I loved getting a look into Christian's thought process, and I loved the extra scenes; especially the scenes towards the end! The only thing I didn't like is stupid Mrs. Robinson, she's a total hag, and anytime Christian mentioned her, I just wanted to shake him, so he wouldn't be so blind to her. Just ewww! I just kept imaging Ana throwing wine in her face, so that made me feel better. I also cringed when Christian would think back on some of his past submissive. But the rest was amazing! Loved it! Definitely need the next one now!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Review for Called by the Vampire: Part 6 by V. Vaughn - 3 out of 5


When Sebastian brings Maggie’s mother to the mansion, Maggie worries that she won’t be able to hide her medical issues from her Mom. But she fears for more than her plan to die a peaceful death. She must keep the Hart brothers’ secrets to save her mother from being caught up in the dangers of the vampire world.

Lyndsey meets her long-lost father and experiences the luxuries of her new role as vampire royalty on his island kingdom. But being Princess Lyndsey O’Kelly isn’t just a life of glamour and privilege. It also comes with responsibilities Lyndsey doesn’t want but can’t ignore.


This installment was more of a filler in this series, the characters progress some, but not very much. Maggie is dealing with her body rejecting her heart transplant and also her mother is visiting. Maggie doesn't want to go to the hospital because she is tired of trying to fight what seems inevitable to her. I'm frustrated with her because I don't really see why she wouldn't use certain situations to her advantage. Also, the "relationship" between her and her love interests is really lacking any depth. Lyndsey the other main character for this series is dealing with finding out she is a princess, and reconnecting with a family she never knew about. Lyndsey is having a hard time filling the role she's expected to. Both stories are fine, but I think splitting the book between the two is adding to the disconnect I feel for the characters. It's hard to know any characters true feelings, they all are a bit flat. I do think this series is entertaining, and I'd like to see how these characters end up. This being part 6, I was hoping a lot more would've progressed. I'm not sure how many parts this series is going to have, and despite my enjoyment of this series, I think I'll stick to stories that aren't broken into small parts after I finish with this series. So, all in all, interesting, short, and entertaining read.

Review for Oliver by V. Vaughn - 4 out of 5


Morgan Jenkins built her coffee shop from the ground up, and when aliens began to come to Earth she benefited from the extra business. But caffeine affects some of the men from the planet Eroscia in dangerous ways, and new government regulations banning caffeine consumption threaten her business. So when Oliver, her alien match, arrives in the middle of her crisis, she doesn’t have the time to cultivate their relationship or the desire to deal with his version of help.

As a nutrition scientist for Eroscia, Oliver is no stranger to how food can impact the body, and he’s willing to do whatever Morgan needs to help save her business. Oliver knows he and Morgan are a near perfect match, and even though his new love is reluctant to let him in, he refuses to back down. But when Oliver pushes too hard, Morgan tells him to take a hike — all the way back to Eroscia. He must find a way to convince Morgan they’re perfect partners in business as well as love.


Books in this series are fun, quick reads. Human women match with alien males because a virus of sorts has taken out the human male population. These books have quite a bit of instalove going on, which is fine with me. These stories are really too short to do anything, but instalove. In Oliver, Morgan picks out her alien match, but when the aliens start reacting badly to caffeine, Morgan's stress levels begin to rise because she's worried about her coffee business losing money fast. Morgan isn't really in the right frame of mind to be meeting her new mate, but she doesn't have much of a choice. Morgan's stress causes her to act out some, but Oliver does what he can to make her realize he only wants to help. These two have a bumpy road ahead of them, and it was interesting to see how their story would play out. The romance is cute, I do wish they had a bit more connection between the characters, but it's fun to see Morgan a little hot and bothered. I enjoyed this story, and love that I can read these books very quickly, they are a sweet little treat. I look forward to more in this series!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Review for Beneath These Wings by Wendy Knight - 5 out of 5!


Tresa was taken by the aliens, but she escaped. Changed. Powerful. Terrifying.

With the only thing she has left in the world – her dad – and her little nomadic band of humans, she battles the very aliens that made her into the creature she is now, using the powers they gave her.

She is a formidable opponent.

When she meets Roman – angry, sullen, and yet loyal above all else – they are forced to come to a compromise to keep their teams alive. They don’t like each other, but it’s tolerable.


Danger is something they live with on a daily basis. Starvation, fear, pain. But there’s a darkness coming they can’t prepare for, something that will threaten to tear apart everything they’ve built.

There’s something coming for that darkness, something far more terrifying than Tresa.

Never trust beautiful things.


Love this series, and totally loved this book! The whole premise for this series is totally awesome and unique! I love dystopian stories, and I love alien stories, and I love Wendy Knight's writing! Tresa is just as kick butt as her sister Nyx from the previous books! Lots of cool action! You should check out the previous books before you read this one, but this one does standalone on its own, but there will be some spoilers for the previous books. Tresa was captured by the aliens and experimented on, so now she's a hybrid between 2 alien types, but luckily she escapes. She's part Garce and part Py. The aliens are very deadly, and it's a day to day struggle to survive. It's also a struggle to feed themselves. Tresa believes her sister is dead, so she doesn't see any reason to return to her hometown. Tresa and her group run into another group of survivors, and they decide to team up, but Tresa doesn't receive very much of a warm welcome from their leader, Roman, due to her being part alien. I loved Roman! I love his gruffness, and he is just adorable! The enemies to sweethearts scenario works great in this book, and I love the whole I don't trust you because you have alien DNA now thing. I was so excited for the storylines to converge in this book! I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more story focused on Tresa and Nyx, and I didn't feel the connection between Nyx and Cole in this book. I actually feel more disappointed with Cole's actions from the previous books, when I see how wonderful Roman is, and that Cole's actions have caused more problems for everybody. I need more groveling! Alright, I'm just being mean :-) So anyway, love this story! I want more!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Review for This Body Won't Break:Part 3 by Lea McKee - 5 out of 5!


There will be passion.
There will be betrayal.
There will be blood.

Everything Joanna thought she knew about the New Terra Alliance has been obliterated. Left with a guilty conscious and a thirst for revenge, she has come up with a plan to save those she left behind. A plan so insane it just might work.

As Harvest Day approaches, Joanna realizes that to truly defeat the NTA, she must extinguish the source of its corruption–her father. But she has no idea the Commander General lies in wait, hatching a deadly plot of his own.


This story is really coming together! A lot of stuff happens in this book, and Joanna is going a bit off the deep end. She's changed quite a lot from how she was in the previous books, she's a bit of a hothead in this book, but she does show immense strength in some tough situations. I was getting a little frustrated with her, and I'm not quite sure what's up with her at times, but she's under some really stressful situations, so it's only natural for her to express her frustrations. She still needs to grow, so I look forward to seeing her do that in the next books. Hopefully. Joanna and the crew at the safe house, need to find a way to rescue all the other kids that are still being held by the so called government. There's lots of action to be had in this book, and I loved all of it! Ethan is really great! I'm enjoying seeing the progression of Ethan and Joanna's relationship. Lea McKee's writing flows wonderfully in this book! I love the dystopian world for this book, and even though I've read lots of dystopian stories, this one feels unique to me. And even though this series is in parts, I don't feel like each part isn't complete, I feel satisfied with how each book has ended, and the endings leave me excited to see where the story is going to go. Really looking forward to the next book! And what the heck is up with this Naomi thing!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Review for Jake by V. Vaughn - 5 out of 5!


Hannah Sullivan takes the life of a flaky artist to an extreme, so it’s no surprise to her friends when she decides to pick her alien life-partner at random. When Jake28 arrives and she discovers he really can cook, Hannah’s personal life seems perfect. But professionally, she’s still paralyzed by her own self-doubt.

Jake is thrilled to finally come to earth and meet his nearly-perfect match. Especially when he discovers the chemistry between them is beyond what he imagined. As Jake settles into his new life with Hannah, he discovers that more than just her kitchen is in disarray. While he can see Hannah’s true talent below her messy exterior, she can’t. When she pushes him away, he must figure out how to free her muse and claim her heart.


Super cute, quick read! Love a little alien romance! This is a fun read, and I really enjoyed the premise for this story. Earth women need to be matched with alien men because a virus of some sort took out the Earth men. Hannah is an artist, and doesn't quite have her life in order, so she thinks a mate will be good for her. Hannah chooses Jake without reading much on him, but despite their initial attraction, these two might be too opposite to work out. Great writing, and this story really hit the spot for a happy, hopeful, and sweet read. And with a little bit of spice added to the mix!

Review for Called by the Vampire Part 5 by V. Vaughn - 4 out of 5


Maggie manages to survive her encounter with the evil vampire, Robert Kearns, but she faces more imminent danger when her donor heart begins to fail. While Maggie struggles to keep her declining health a secret from Sebastian, she begins to see why Elizabeth loved the older Hart brother, and the bond between Maggie and Sebastian deepens.
Lyndsey learns more about her family as her relationship with Alexander develops. While she’s curious about her vampire roots, she’ll have to determine if she can adapt her tomboy ways, embrace becoming a princess, and accept her fate as vampire royalty.


This is my favorite part so far since the first book, I feel the characters and story are growing. This part had a bit more heart than the other parts, and I liked that. The story is going in an interesting direction, and I'm interested to see where it goes. I'm still not a huge fan of the story being released in parts, but I like the writing, and I'd like to continue with this series. Quick, fun reads.

Review for Storm Gathering by Rebecca Zanetti - 5 out 5!


Even before surviving the Scorpius bacterium, Greyson Storm was a lone wolf navigating minefields. As a kid, he learned to take a hit and find safety. As an adult, he joined the military and quickly learned how to protect and defend. When the world ended, he created a mercenary camp with military precision, no entanglements, and a promise to avenge a fallen friend. As part of that vow, he kidnapped Maureen Shadow, but now that he has let her go, her blue eyes and intriguing mind keep haunting him…

As possibly the only Biotechnology Engineer still living, Maureen Shadow might be humanity’s one hope to survive the aftermath of Scorpius, making her frighteningly valuable to both allies and enemies. Even after sexual tension explodes with Greyson, she’s not sure which camp he belongs to—friend or foe? Worse yet, survival may mean thwarting his prime mission, putting her in even more peril. When danger and seduction collide, there is no safety in this new world.


I've been waiting for Grayson and Maureen's story for multiple books, so I was super excited that it's finally here!! I love when a "bad guy" turns good, and Grayson is a sexy, sweet alpha! Maureen wasn't my favorite, and I don't love the plot device for these two, but I still love this book. All of the action is super awesome, and I really love the overall premise for this whole series. I'd definitely read the previous books before this one because there is a continuing storyline throughout the whole series, and previous main characters are present in this story. The Scorpius syndrome is still a problem for everyone, and both groups need to decide where their allegiance lies. Grayson has quite the reputation, and since he originally kidnapped Maureen, she doesn't quite know what to think of her feelings for Grayson. Sweet, sexy romance and awesome, cool action scenes! Although, I don't know why these tough military guys all go on missions together and leave their territories without much leadership, so they become easy targets! But, I do love when all those alpha guys get together, makes for some fun scenes! I love that there's dual POV's! Love Grayson's POV, and I enjoyed his southern backstory. It super great to see the couples from the previous books, and there's still so much story to be had! The premise for the next book isn't my favorite, but I'm definitely continuing with this series! It's one of my favorites! I listened to the audio version of this story, and the narrator did a great job! He gets really intense during the action and love scenes. He had me smiling at how passionate he sounded. I'd definitely recommend the audio version if you have the chance!

Review for Huntress Born by Aimee Easterling - 3 out 5


A missing brother. A family-obsessed werewolf. An impossible choice.

Pack is Ember's passion. Ever since being adopted at birth, her large werewolf family has been both her anchor and her support. But when a missing half-brother draws the twenty-something away from home for the very first time, bonds to her adopted family are tested at every turn.

The milk-chocolate eyes of an off-limits human are the first threat to her pack commitment. Meanwhile, the local alpha is less interested in dark dangers facing human women and more intent upon eliminating his guest's ability to leave his territory ever again.

Can Ember protect innocents and track down her elusive sibling in time, or will the not-so-charming alpha cut off all ties to her adoptive pack?


The writing is good; maybe a little wordy, but I like the flow of the story. Ember is an interesting character, and the premise is interesting. Ember is a wolf shifter, and her brother has gone missing, so she leaves her very sheltered living for a bigger city in search of her brother. Ember has to deal with the wolf pack when she arrives, and there's some crazy things going on. I enjoyed the opening scene, it created a good sense of suspense to the story. I just think Aimee Easterling's take on wolf shifters didn't work for me, I found a lot of it weird. Also, the relationships between characters felt weird, and a bit disjointed. I also didn't like where this book ended, I felt like there should be more growth in the story and characters by the ending, but this is the first book in a new series, so I suppose there's plenty of time for that. I'd like to see where the story goes because I do like the feeling of the story, and there could be some interesting scenarios to be had for Ember.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Review for Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon - 5 out of 5!


Jacqueline: As an adult woman--and the vice president of a marketing firm--I shouldn't be waiting by my office window to ogle the mystery man who jogs by every morning at 11:45. Sure, he's a gorgeous, perfect specimen of the human race, but I can't bring myself to hit on a total stranger. However, my best friend-slash-colleague Vince Carson thinks I should do more than talk to the guy. In fact, he's borderline obsessive about "getting me laid." (His words.) But the more time we spend together, the more it's clear: The one I'm falling for is Vince.

Vince: Jackie Butler's got it bad for some pompous, over-pumped A-hole who struts his stuff past her window. That doesn't bother me. I know she deserves nice things. What does bother me is that she friend-zoned me big-time last year, so I can't ask her out myself. But what if I set her up with Mr. Steroids? Then, when he breaks her heart, I can swoop in and save her like the nice guy I am. Everything's going according to plan . . . until we share a ridiculously epic kiss. And suddenly anything is possible.


Love Jessica Lemmon's humor! Such fun! Eye Candy is great, and I love that the characters feel like real people. They aren't perfect and they make mistakes. This is a friends to lovers story, and I really liked both Vince and Jackie. I do think Vince was too hard on Jackie sometimes, and he makes things more complicated for Jackie and his relationship, but he's still a cutie. Jackie is wonderful, she's a strong, intelligent woman, who doesn't mind showing who she really is. Jackie and Vince both have some previous baggage that makes it hard for them to trust in love, so this affects how their relationship progresses. Vince and Jackie have some really cute chemistry together, and I like the friends to lovers scenario. They also have some hot sexy times! I love the added humor throughout the story! Makes me smile! I listened to the audiobook, and the narrators did a wonderful job, and I really enjoyed the listening experience! There's a male narrator for the male chapters, and a female narrator for the female chapters. I'd listen to more from both narrators, and I'd recommend getting the audio for Eye Candy if you can!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review for A 3rd Time to Die by George A. Bernstein - 3 out of 5


Two souls struggle to fulfill their destinies together. Twice, in the 17th and 19th Centuries, just as they discover the magic of their love, their lives are snuffed out by brutal murder. Reborn for the third time in the 21st Century, they discover each other again… and their killer is once again stalking them!

ASHLEY EASTON rescues a badly abused horse and decides to return to show jumping, the passion of her youth. The animal gives her unquestioned love, something she no longer receives from her husband, KEITH. But when Ashley begins to compete, she is terrified as the course seemingly morphs into an old forest, the jumps transformed into real walls, fences and streams. Her thoughts spill through her head in elegant French, a language she barely knows, as she attacks the fences with a fearless abandon uncharacteristic for her, winning every event.

CRAIG THORNTON is fed up with the rampant promiscuity of his society wife, TONI. An expert horseman, he attends a jumping show, seeing Ashley compete with Injun. After several missed attempts, they meet and become fast friends, their love of horses a mutual bond.

Trying to sort out her troubled marriage and to address a strange terror swamping her whenever she’s intimate, Ashley seeks psychotherapy with DR. FELDMAN. Resorting to hypnotic regression, they are stunned to find her in past lives, first in the 17th Century as the French countess who fills her head while jumping Injun, and then in Philadelphia as the daughter of a shipping tycoon. Each life is fulfilled by the wonder of passionate romance, quickly terminated by their gristly murder!

The doctor assures her these are pure figments of her subconscious, but he is shaken, realizing the truth. He somehow sees their slaughter through his own eyes! And he suspects their killer is here again, in this time!

As Ashley’s and Craig’s marriages disintegrate beyond repair, they suddenly discover much more than just friendship. It’s as if they’ve loved each other forever.
How wonderful to be in love with your best friend!

The lovers struggle to free themselves from broken marriages and find happiness in this lifetime, unaware there is again someone, nearby, intent on fulfilling an ancient legacy of death.

Will this be a 3rd time to die?


The writing for this book is really good, and the author tells a rich story, but it just wasn't for me. I like the idea of reincarnated soul mates, but I don't like that they were married before they met each other in each life time. Plus, the main characters marry really despicable people, so I question their intelligence. One of the spouses is so in your face with their infidelities that when the main character doesn't divorce them right away, for me, it puts that character in a negative light, and makes me think they are weak. Also, why in the heck would the characters go do something that they know has been a dangerous situation for them in their past lives multiple times! It's so stupid! They don't even think to bring protection, and when the opportunity arrives to show strength, I was really disappointed in Ashley. She was completely helpless, and basically curled up to die, so yeah, I wasn't too keen on their intelligence level. Plus, it takes way too long for the story to progress. The story is interesting, and entertaining, but just not for me. I listened to the audiobook, and I've listened to many books narrated by Denise Kahn, and this was a good job for her. There were a couple of weird spliced in audio parts, but not too bad, and this is the best audio quality I've heard from Denise Kahn. So, the writing is good, and the story is entertaining, so I'm sure many would enjoy this story, but it's just not quite my type of thing.

Review for Hot Air by Denise Kahn - 3 out of 5



HOT AIR, a thriller filled with passion, romance, survival and courage.

Sean Sandoval, half Navajo, half Irish, has bravery in his blood and passion in his heart. From boyhood to one of the Air Force's elite Pararescuemen, his path in life is always connected to air.
As a hot air balloon pilot Sean communes with that air. As a Pararescuer he flies into danger to saves lives.

An enemy combatant from the mountains of Afghanistan, presumed killed, arrives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is bent on such revenge that he puts thousands of people at the annual International Balloon Fiesta in lethal danger.

Will Sean be able to stop the extremist in time, or will the murderer accomplish his mission first?


Denise Kahn writes a wonderful and interesting story. I enjoy her story telling, and I like her writing. The main reason my rating is only 3 stars is because the story is a little too slow for me, and I wasn't that into the premise. Kahn does write a rich story, so I'm sure many will enjoy this book, but it's just not my cup of tea. Also, the synopsis for this story doesn't happen for a long time into the story, and I also hated that the lead character, Sean, was totally fine with his military buddy being a cheater on his fiancée. After that was mentioned, I just couldn't stop thinking about it, and it made me dislike the story a bit more. The fact that he's a cheater didn't add anything to the story, so I felt it was really unnecessary. I liked the Navajo aspects of this story, and I did like the hot air balloon stuff. I listen to the audio version, and Denise Kahn narrates this herself, and this is one of her better narration that I've listened to. Her narration still isn't among my favorites, but I see an improvement over the first book I listened to that she narrated. Good writing, Good story, just not right for me, but I think many will enjoy this story.

Review for Come Back to Me by Kathy Coopmans - 4 out of 5


Come Back To Me.

What does one do when everyone you love dies?
How much is a woman supposed to take before she crumbles?
How much?
Adriana Jensen is the woman to ask.
She’s lost too many people to count.
The one death that destroyed her the most
was her husband's.

Only... he didn't die.

What does one do when forced to walk away from his wife?
How much will it take to win her back?
How much?
Blake Jensen, Adriana's estranged husband, is the man to ask.
He has one question to ask himself.
How much will it take for her to come back to me?


I love the idea of this story, and I totally, totally love that the lead male isn't a manwhore! It's so damn refreshing! He loves his wife so much, that he doesn't have sex for years! Years! A man that has some self control! Amazing! The connection between Adriana and Blake is really sweet, and I enjoyed reading about them reconnecting. Oh man, Adriana needed to stop being so naïve about her sister! I was getting so ticked at her with how much she let's her sister control her life. Adriana puts her sister above all others; even her husband, and her sister definitely doesn't deserve it, so a lot of the times, I wanted to shake Adriana to stop being so clueless! So, that was something that dropped this rating a bit for me because I wanted Adriana to show more of a backbone. Another thing that bothered me in this book, was that the reason Adriana's husband did what he did never amounted to much, there's no real resolution for that storyline, so yeah, a bit disappointed there. Adriana and Blake's story is a bit crazy, but I found it interesting, and I did like the emotional level of their relationship. I listened to the audio version, and enjoyed the narration, so I'd recommend it. Emotional story with a sweet romance. Enjoyable and well written.

Review for Someone to Love by Patrice Wilton - 4 out of 5


First came A HEAVENLY CHRISTMAS and now we have the riveting sequel, SOMEONE TO LOVE. This book is light on suspense and heavy on romance, and a perfect read anytime of the year!
Allison Cornwall was forced to leave her hometown in Connecticut and live life on the run from an ex-boyfriend turned stalker. She changed her name and hunkered down in Heaven, PA. The small, idyllic town was— a safe haven where no one could find her. And yet, after a year and a half of peace, he did. Police Chief Ian Brown is determined to keep crime out of Heaven. When Ally fears for her life, he's there to protect. Recently divorced, he's not looking for love, but this innocent young woman touches his heart. Can they put their pasts behind them and open themselves to the miracle of Christmas—learning once again to trust and to love?


I love the whole premise for this story! I love the added suspense and mystery of a creepy stalker on the loose! I didn't read the first book, which wasn't a problem for me, I could follow the story just fine. The previous couple from the first book was in this book, so you may want to read their story first, but it isn't necessary. I really enjoyed the majority of this story, and the romance was sweet and hot! I also love that the author continued the story longer than usual, but I do think a lot of that was filler, and the ending needed more to it. The resolution for the characters felt rushed in the end, when there was plenty of time to build up the connections. I really liked both main characters, and I loved the small town setting. I was getting fairly ticked at Ian at times because he makes some dopey decisions, but he's still a sweetheart. Oh! and I don't see how Allison could allow some stalker ex dictate her life so much, and how her parents would allow it as well! I feel like there could've been a better way for her to deal with her ex, but I get that she's very scared of the situation, so I suppose I understand a bit. I listened to the audio version of this story, and the narrator did a great job! I enjoyed the listening experience, and would recommend it! So yeah! Entertaining, interesting, sweet, sexy, and fun mystery! Really enjoyed it!

Review for Tiger Haven by Ariel Marie - 4 out of 5


Biologist Dr. Charlee Black is on a mission to save the animals. When she discovers Amur tigers are being hunted by poachers in Russia, she travels to a national park within the country to study them, and to prevent the tigers from going extinct.

Weston Rogavac is a billionaire tiger shifter with royal bloodlines, and a sworn duty to ensure the survival of his kin. When he and Charlee meet en route to the sanctuary, sparks fly, and both of them are swept up in a sexy and steamy romance they can’t untangle from.

But love isn’t enough to stop what’s coming. The Russian mafia has a special interest in selling tiger skin and bones on the black market, and have put a hit out on Charlee to stop her conservation work. Weston is her only hope of survival, but as the hitmen grow closer Charlee is shocked to find she has ties to the mob and is attached to a past she cannot escape.

Will Weston be able to protect her? Or will Charlee lose her tiger shifter lover and her life?


Fun and interesting story! I enjoyed that the female lead Charlee is a top biologist professor, and she also goes on cool adventures! Charlee is called to go to a tiger reserve in Russia to help the tigers in the reserve, to study the tigers, and help them survive the poachers, so they don't go extinct. The male lead, Weston, is also trying to save the tigers for more than one reason, but one of the main ones is that he is a tiger shifter, so he feels a connection to the animals and wants to help. When Charlee and Weston meet, the connection between these two creates sparks! Charlee and Weston are sweet together, and have some sexy times! Which are rather difficult to do because they are in a camp with a whole bunch of people, and oh yeah! some is trying to kill Charlee! Fun adventure with some hot shifter times!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Review for Untamed: A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Leo by Decadent Kane - 5 out of 5!


Split into beasts of all kinds and forced to shift into humans, Khimairans were graced with humanity by the gods and Dante's humanity was fleeting.

Dante Coburn is running out of time.

He's the leader of the Khimairan shifters and that won't save him from turning primal. Once his beast takes over…there's no coming back. Unless he can find his mate before he turns, killing everyone he holds dear. When Bailey walks into his life, he thought he'd found everything he needed as his Leo zodiac mark was invoked. However, she wants nothing to do with Khimairan shifters and knows nothing of her real heritage.

Bailey couldn't imagine living in a city where Khimairans dominated. The dirty shifters could piss off... the lot of them. They killed her mother, her aunt, and she'd be damned if she had to live near them. When Bailey inherits more than a store from her aunt, which included the intensely seductive Dante Coburn, Bailey will have to face more than her desires to stay sane.

After a group of fanatics show up, Dante will risk his immortal life to keep her safe, even if she'll never have him.


Interesting and entertaining story! The writing flows great, and I enjoyed Decadent Kane's writing style. Bailey's aunt has died, and Bailey has been left her aunt's new age shop. The shop is in an area that is heavily populated by shifters called the Khimairans, which Bailey feels strongly against Khimairans, so she wants to hurry up and sell the shop, and get the heck out of there. But, Bailey is in for some shocking revelations about her family and herself. Dante is a Khimairan, he shifts into a Lion, and he has some things to talk with Bailey about; one of them being that she is his mate. There's a dangerous crew to contend with, and magical passages to protect, so there's lots of excitement to be had! The characters are great, and I enjoyed the romance! Some hot stuff! Definitely looking forward to reading more Decadent Kane!