Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review for Dani's Return by Ariel Marie - 5 out of 5!


Ace Levatino was the new alpha wolf in town. He returned to his hometown to challenge for his rightful place as alpha and to finally claim his mate. There has only ever been one woman for him and her disappearance 10 years ago still haunts his every thought. His wolf demands that he find her.

Daniella Harper was tired of running. Ten years ago she left everything that she held dear to get away from her betrothed. She refused to mate with one of the most vicious alphas in the Midwest. With a heavy heart, she ran far away and started a new life but devastating news would send her running back home.

Coming home has Daniella realizing how much she had missed her family and with the new alpha’s attention she’s no longer sure she wants to leave again.


I really enjoyed this! I loved all the characters, and the romance was really sweet. Dani is a wolf shifter, who had to leave her pack because her parents promised her to the pack Alpha's son; despite Dani's protests, even when her parents die in a car accident, the promise is still in effect, and Dani knows she needs to runaway because the Alpha and his son are ruthless, horrible people, so she runs away when she turns 18. Dani has had to keep moving places, so she isn't found and forced back, but when she receives a call from her best friend, Hope, that Hope's mom is sick, Dani decides to return home to be there for Hope and her family. By the way, I love that Hope wasn't your typical boy crazy, bimbo best friend that is usually in books, it is so refreshing to have a friend that is great just like the heroine, and I would be happy to have a book with Hope finding her person. While Dani has been away, Ace stepped up and challenged the previous Alpha for control of the pack and won, so now he is the new Alpha, and he is also ready to claim Dani as his mate, but there may be some bumps in the road, when animals with their throats slashed begin to turn up near pack territory. I love that Asa and Dani don't play games, and I love how devoted Asa is to Dani. They are so sweet together, and they are hot together. Dani is a strong female, and Asa is perfectly Alpha with a softer side. Loved them both! I liked the added suspense with finding out who is killing the animals. Definitely checking out more from Ariel Marie, and hopefully more books with these characters! Short shifter sweetness!

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