Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Review for For Love of Valor by Samantha Westlake - 3 out of 5


My family might be worth billions, but we’ve always been proud to serve our country in the military, in every generation. I put in my four tours of duty - but they left me with shrapnel in my leg and voices that attack and torment me every night.

All I want is for these ghosts in my head to leave me alone. Pills help; booze helps more. I’m broken, and I can’t be fixed.

Especially not by some young, hot-shot female psychiatrist who seems to get off on pestering me with questions.

Beneath my veneer of professional composure, I’m a nervous wreck. I’m basically broke, and I can’t afford to lose a single patient. Richard Stone might be a rude, arrogant ass, but I just can’t turn him away.

He might be tall and very easy on the eyes, but he’s got a hard core that he won’t let me touch. I know he’s broken, and he needs my help.

But as I work to connect with this handsome, haunted soldier, I find him slipping into my thoughts more and more. I can’t stop picturing the two of us together, breaking every taboo as we make love…


I love military romances, so I enjoyed that aspect of this book, and for the most part I enjoyed the bulk of this story. Richard was wounded in the military, and he now had PTSD. He drinks, pops pills, and sleeps with random women he calls bimbos; sometimes 2 at a time, which the author goes into a bit, which I could've done without, but I do think those scenes show that Richard is in a downward spiral and it is just a matter of time before he really harms himself. He goes to refill his pills, but his doctor at the VA hospital thinks Richard needs to seek help for his PTSD besides the pills, so he sends Richard to see a psychiatrist. Linda is the psychiatrist, and she wants to help Richard, but he gets under her skin and she is attracted to him, so she has difficulties. She tries to maintain professionalism, and for the most part she succeeds, but overtime the 2 begin to bond. I don't really get how Linda would be turned on by Richard, he is a complete ass to her the first time they meet, and he continues to be self-destructive, so Linda's attraction to him didn't feel like it was based on anything except his looks, and Richard also happens to be super rich, and I felt like that was emphasized too much. There are some sweet, raw moments between Richard and Linda, so I really loved those scenes, and there is some passion between them. I also liked the banter between Richard and his brothers. Those boys definitely need some TLC! I feel like the consequences of Richard's actions should've been more discussed because he does some rather awful things that could've turned out way worse, and I feel like he uses Linda as a crutch, so I would've liked to see more of a turn around on his attitude and behavior. I still enjoyed reading about Linda and Richard figuring out what they want and growing as people, and the story kept me interested. I think it would be interesting to see where Richard's brothers are going, and to see them grow up, so I'd like to read their books.

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