Sunday, January 8, 2017

Review for How the Tiger Faced His Challenge by Sarah Brownlee - 5 out of 5!


It is 2217. Civil War rages in London, England. The Pearson family in the East set their might against the Renzo stronghold in the West. Blood, destruction, death and toil. Many face the storm; few emerge in one piece.

Raphael Renzo, Morpher and youngest son of the famed Lord Renzo, leads his warriors into battle against the blood-thirsty, malevolent forces of thugs and hooligans who threaten to destroy everything he seeks to protect and all he holds dear. There can only be one outcome: victory. But Raphael must be careful; for the road to victory is rife with snares and not all is what it seems...


I really loved this one! I'm so happy to see Skye and Raph grow into their own, and the depth of their feelings for each other makes my heart sigh with happiness. I think it is best to have read the first book because it will help you better understand Sky and Raph, and how they became a couple. In this book, Skye and Raph have been dating for awhile, and although Skye has come a long way with her confidence, she still has moments of self-doubt, but she is trying to find her way in Raph's world. It also doesn't help that her wolf is a little bit aggressive. The thugs are continuing to cause problems, and Raph has bodyguards looking after Skye and her mom, but when some power players for the bad side start upping their game, the possibility of a war brewing becomes more and more of a reality. I love that Skye and Raph are Morphers, and I love the scenes when they are in animal form and are together. The depth of love Raph has for Skye is so sweet, and I love how he isn't afraid to show Skye how he feels. I hope in the next book Skye evolves even more, and she shows more of what her wolf is capable of. I loved how involving this story is, and the writing is great, and I find the whole story really unique. There are some very brutal things that happen in this book, and we are left with a cliffhanger, so I definitely need the next book!

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