Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review for Loaded by Teagan Kade - 4 out of 5


He’s got the biggest bat on campus… and he knows how to use it.

Asher Slade, AKA ‘Slugger’.

Hellcats captain, shameless womanizer, and grade A as*hole.

I can’t stand his kind, so imagine my joy when I’m tasked with babysitting Sir C*ck-A-Lot during his college-imposed community service.

He thinks I’m easy, that I’m going to fall to my knees the same way his opponents do.
But he’s wrong.

I have dreams. I’m going places. The last thing I need is a walking hard-on getting in my way.

Problem is, I’m already picturing him… between my sheets, my legs, his dirty mouth doing dirty things.

I should be running a mile, so why can’t I stop thinking about those coral eyes and cut body?

I’m not going to fall for him.


So why does it feel like my bases are already loaded?


It's been awhile since I've read a college setting romance, but I really enjoy sports romances and I like Teagan Kade's writing, so I thought I'd give this a whirl, and I enjoyed it! It ended up being really cute! Asher is the big man on campus, star baseball player, known ladies man *cough* manwhore *cough*, known for having a bigger bat in his pants than the one in his hands, and all around party boy, and generally when he does douchetastic things around campus, he barely gets a slap on the wrist, but his bad boy ways have caught up with him, and he is assigned to community service. Willow is disgusted at how Asher is put on a pedestal; especially when he cuts in front of her in the coffee line, but when he is assigned to do community service where she volunteers, she is finding it harder and harder to resist his charms. Can these 2 survive as a couple when each of their pasts begin to cause problems in their new found relationship? You must read to find out! Alright, so I do like the characters, but I do feel like each had a too quick turn around; especially Willow, and I didn't really like that about her. Asher's turn around I understand more because I get he was just putting on a show for everybody because that's what he felt he had to do, but I didn't like how Willow sort of regressed to how she used to be in the past, but I did still like her. There are the typical college scenes with the parties and idiot antics, and those types of things are why I usually stay away from college romances, but they weren't too bad here, so I didn't mind them too much, and I enjoyed the rest of the story, so that overshadowed those scenes. I was thinking a lot more would go on with the ex scenario, and was a little disappointed with how that ended; it felt a little anti-climatic, and I also feel like I would've liked a little more build-up to Asher and Willow's relationship, I felt she changed her tune too quickly. All in all, I was entertained and enjoyed reading Loaded!

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