Sunday, January 1, 2017

Review for The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow - 4 out of 5


Scientist Bridget Dutton has no time for traditional love. Her heart belongs to her work. Even though taking chemical readings of ocean water isn't her thing, she's willing to put in her time for her chance at exploring the Abyss. When her boat is attacked from below, Bridget's dream just might come true sooner than planned.

Caderyn the Hunter, the sexiest--and perhaps craziest--man she's ever laid eyes on may have rescued her from death, but who's going to rescue her from him? With a deliciously hot body and all the right moves, the man is a walking seduction that's too hard to resist. There's only one problem. Caderyn claims they're in the Abyss, living on a cursed island along the deep ocean floor. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he says he's a merman.

Sparks fly. Desires heat. But can Caderyn convince the logical Bridget there's room for more than one love in her heart?


I loved that this book is about Mer people! It was awesome that the setting was in a city deep in the ocean, and I liked the story that went along with why the Mer are there. Bridget is a scientist on a boat, who has dreams of studying the deep sea, when her boat is attacked, and she is taken to an underwater city by a Merman named, Caderyn. Caderyn is a fine Mer specimen, but Bridget is really unsure about being in this Mer kingdom. Caderyn feels an attraction to Bridget, and has hopes that Bridget will choose him to be mates with. Bridget doesn't handle any of this well, and I was really getting ticked off at how inconsiderate she is, and for a scientist, she makes a lot of stupid decisions, assumes way too much about how she is going to be treated without any evidence to make her think that way, and flies off the handle, so she comes across as bitchy and rude. Caderyn does put her in her place at times, which I was definitely happy about! She definitely needed to be brought down a peg. That's really my only critique, well, there is also all the butt talk that I could've done without, and also the pleasure nymph scene; I would've been happier if it was just eluded to, but the rest of the book was interesting and fun. The sex scenes were hot, and it was lots of fun to see how the Mer people live, and it was cool to see the landscapes in the Mer world. I like that there is a bit of adventure in this book, and the story is unique. Caderyn is a sweetheart, who is a Saint for putting up with Bridget. Bridget does have her moments, and Caderyn and her do have some really sweet moments. This is the first book I have read by Michelle M. Pillow, and I would love to read more! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series! I also listened to the audiobook of this story, and I think the narrator did an excellent job! She even did the moans during the sex scenes!

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