Sunday, January 1, 2017

Review for The Reapers by Ali Winters - 5 out of 5!


Having been a reaper as long as she can remember, Nivian knows that what she does is essential in maintaining balance. After being assigned to a rushed mark she finds that there is more to this human than any other she has encountered.

Kain had been living an ordinary life without a second thought until he meets Nivian who turns his world upside down. He is thrust into a world of hunters and reapers. The keepers of life and death have been feuding for centuries over a reason no one can even remember.

With Kain having been marked for reaping, and Nivian being hunted, they forge a friendship and together must find the truth in order to keep balance in check. Wrong choices could destroy everything. As they journey they discover hidden histories, powers, and lies and truths that have been spun since the beginning of time. The consequence of failure, unimaginable.


First off, I love stories that have to do with Reapers, so right off the bat, I was totally all on board for that! Plus, I love Ali Winters' writing, so another bonus! I found The Reapers to be unique and fun, and I enjoyed the whole premise for this book. Nivian is a Reaper, who despite living for a really long time, she is quite sheltered. She is one of many Reapers, who try to maintain the balance on Earth, and she is happy to do it. Nivian goes on a routine reap, but comes across a human that can see her, which is not a normal thing, so she goes to one of the Boss Reapers, Caspian, who she has a bit of a little flirtation with, and that is when she finds out that there are others out there, and they are called Hunters. Nivian is curious about this revelation and wonders if this human could be a Hunter, so she decides to follow the human. Kain is intrigued by some white haired woman he sees, but she keeps disappearing before he can talk to her, but something keeps putting these 2 into each other's paths. Both Nivian and Kain begin to discover the World they thought they knew isn't quite how they thought, and a lot of new information is discovered that could change both of their lives. Nivi is great! She is sort of clueless, but I found it adorable! Despite being around for a long time, she does act rather young, and she is still new to some of the ways of the human world. I liked both Kain and Caspian, and enjoyed Nivi's friendship with both of them. Kain is the type of guy that always looks for the best in people; even if they don't deserve it, and he is light-hearted and wants to help others. Caspian is a bit stoic, but he is a sweetheart with a soft spot for Nivian. There are quite a few POV's in this book, and I liked getting Nivi, Kain, and Caspian's POV's, but the others I could've done without. They weren't bad or anything, but I would've preferred just the 3 POV's, so we could get more time with those 3 characters. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in this series because there is definitely a lot more story to be told!

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