Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review for The Scarlet Tanager by Emigh Cannaday - 3 out of 5


Scandal. Blackmail. Obsession. It’s just another day if you’re a Marinossian. When Annika disappears without a trace, Talvi launches the hunt for his most infuriating rival yet. His only clues are from a government he’s increasingly at odds with. In exchange for access to their resources, he does the unthinkable and reveals Annika’s true nature. Time is short, but the list of names Talvi can trust keeps getting shorter.

Back home at the family’s country estate, his brother Finn is blindsided when the missing redhead turns up injured with no recollection of how she arrived. While his mother tends to her physical wounds, Finn’s given the task of restoring her memory…and he just can’t resist showing her his version of the truth. But playing mind games is like playing roulette—and someone’s luck is about to run out.


I really enjoy the writing of this series, and the story is interesting, so I do want to know what is going to happen, so that keeps me reading. The actions of the characters are still despicable for the most part, and there are a lot of POV's in this book, which I wasn't completely feeling because I felt it bogged down the story, but Cannaday did do a good job of making it flow nicely, but I just didn't really care about some of the characters, so I cared even less about their POV. You should definitely read the previous books before this book, and this one does end with a cliffhanger, so you'll want to read the next book. In this book, Annika has been kidnapped, and Talvi sets out to find her, but a lot of other things are at work that are keeping Talvi and Annika apart. First off, I wanted more time with Annika and Talvi, and I also wanted less of them with other people. Talvi takes some actions with Merri way too far in my opinion, and I know he had a plan in place, but I was still grossed out by his actions as a married man, but I am glad Merri got put in her place a bit, and I'm not liking that Merri seems to be more present a character in this series. Actually, I felt Talvi should've been more present in the book, and I would've liked to see more of what he was doing to find Annika. Annika has to go through a very trying ordeal, and I felt for her, and she didn't get on my nerves as much as she usually does, but I do think she needs to stop thinking the grass is always greener on the other side, and be thankful for what she has. Annika and Finn's "friendship" wasn't exactly something I enjoyed reading, and I was really disappointed to learn what happened in Paris in the previous book. Finn isn't necessarily thinking clearly through most of this book, and I felt his actions towards Annika were a bit shady. I believe I know what is up with Finn in the ending of this book, so I'll have to check out the next book to see if my assumptions are right. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, but I would definitely be happy if Annika and Talvi would be together for the majority of the book, and that their relationship would find a happy place without so much drama. One can hope!!

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