Friday, January 20, 2017

Review for Shifter and Spice by Emma Alisyn - 4 out of 5


One Bearry Night

When Rebekah meets her future mate by chance and falls in love, she must make the agonizing choice to leave him -- not knowing that he is the one destined for her. Daamin's pride demands Rebekah choose him over duty, but his practical side respects her strength to place family above all else. Will he sacrifice pride and claim his winter mate? Or will he let her go, and never know that their one passionate night produced a special holiday gift?

Bear in Furry Armor

A baker yearning for her Bear in furry armor. A male ready to Claim his mate. The witch standing between their mate bond. Curvy hedgewitch Amberely has been Jayson's secret crush since high school. When Amberely is placed in sudden danger, Jayson doesn't hesitate. She is his have, to hold, and to protect. And no matter what spells her mother casts against him, he's determined to finally Claim his mate.


Since this is 2 books in one set, I'm going to do a review for each of the books individually. Both books are 4 out of 5. I enjoyed both books, and each story takes place at the same time period, so it's interesting to see what is happening in other parts of the town.

One Bearry Night -

This was a cute, quick read, and I enjoyed it! Rebekah, who is a human, was adopted by a clan of bear shifters, so when her grandmother comes to her with a proposed mate, Rebekah feels like she owes it to her family to agree to being mated to a shifter she hasn't met. Rebekah goes to a club and meets Daamin, who she feels an intense connection with, but she feels a duty to her family, so she runs away from Daamin, but Daamin isn't having it. There ends up being lots of misunderstandings and withholding of information, which creates tension between these 2, and to top it off Daamin and his family are in danger from some things from their past. With this being a short story, things do happen rather fast, and I'm totally okay with that! I'm all on board for mate bonds, and I love shifters, so I'm good with the pacing of the relationship development. The chemistry is great, and the intimate scenes were spicy. Fun shifter read!

Bear in Furry Armor -

Another cute shifter story!! Bear in Furry Armor is really sweet! Amberely owns a bakery, and she also happens to be a witch. Jayson is a bear shifter, who has known that Amberely is the one for him, but her mother doesn't approve of her daughter mating with a shifter, so she keeps trying to keep them apart. Amberely feels for Jayson as well, but she doesn't feel confident in herself and worth to be worth the trouble her mother is causing. Jayson is adorable! I love how he knows what he wants and is willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Amberely and Jayson start out a bit slow, but they do get wild! I enjoyed this quick read!

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