Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review for Warrior Everlasting by Wendy Knight - 5 out of 5!

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Fighting alongside the boy you shouldn't love is hard enough. Doing it while riding a unicorn who would gleefully fly to her death with you on her back is worse. What makes it insane?
Doing it in hell.
Scout and her unicorn, Ashra, risked everything just to make it into Aptavaras. Their plan is to free Scout’s family and the stolen souls, and seek vengeance on the man who took everything Ashra had once lived for. What they hadn’t counted on was Trey and his unicorn, Torz, following them.
It might be the only thing that will save them.
Because in Aptavaras, the soul stealers are many and the chances of survival are slim. Even if they can get past the demons, trick the demon master, rescue the souls and escape with their lives, there’s only one person who can open the gate, and he’s on the outside defending the world. But Scout, Trey, Ashra and Torz have one thing the soul stealers don’t — A reason to live.


Love everything about this series! If you haven't read the first book, you should because this is a continuation of the events in book one, so give that a read first. Scout is a strong, intelligent lead character, and she will do anything to save her family and the other souls trapped in Aptavaras. Scout and her unicorn, Ashra, and Trey and his unicorn, Trez, have just landed in Aptavaras to help all the souls trapped in Aptavaras break free, and to defeat the soul stealers leader, Ariston, but the group will need to make it through a treacherous quest before they can help anyone. I love that Ariston is a villain with layers, it isn't just black and white when it comes to him. As Scout and company try to find their way through the dangerous lands of Aptavaras, Scout and Trey's relationship is in a place that is hurting them both, but although Scout forgives Trey for abandoning her, she isn't ready to be more than just friends with him, but Trey knows Scout is the one for him and will do what he can to show her how much she means to him. Their story is heartbreaking, and I love how determined Trey is to show Scout how much he loves her. I do think Trey needed to have a better conversation with his ex though, I feel he was insensitive towards his ex, and needed to be clearer to her. Scout and company have to fight many battles against soul stealers on their journey to Ariston's domain, and I absolutely love the battle scenes, and the connection Scout and Trey have with their unicorns, Ashra and Trez. I love that the unicorns play such a big roll in the story, and that each has their own personalities and complex histories. Definitely looking forward to the next book, and more by Wendy Knight! Epicness to be had!

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