Saturday, March 4, 2017

Review for The Exodus by Ali Winters - 5 out of 5!


Betrayal changes everything.

With the balance restored, Nivian and Kain settle into a comfortable routine. While he wants to move forward with Nivian, the more time they spend together, she begins to worry she's using him to get the one thing she wants in life—memories of her past life.

Things aren’t as peaceful as they seem, the veil between realms begins to crack, causing shifts unlike what has ever been known before. Amid disappearances and the ever increasing dizzy spells that plague her, Nivian must deal with the turmoil of emotions within her heart.

As the balance begins to veer, it threatens to rip apart the fabric between worlds by an unknown force. Nivian and Kain must find the cause. If they don’t, the world as they know it may turn into hell on earth.


I really love the whole premise for this series!! Reapers and Hunters are awesome, and I love reading about Nivi and Kain! The Exodus continues on with the story from the first book, The Reapers, so you'll definitely want to check that one out before you read this one. In Exodus, Nivi and Kain continue to build on their friendship, and begin to feel more for each other, but Nivi has been rather sheltered, so she is naïve to a lot of things, and doesn't understand her feelings towards Kain. These 2 are adorable together! So sweet and fun! Nivi has lots of little quirks, and Kain is totally wonderful with how much he understands and appreciates Nivi. Nivi still doesn't have all her memories, and she is having dizzy spells that shouldn't happen to a Reaper, and since the Reaper leader, Silas, is missing, there are some odd things happening in the Reaper world. Kain is working more with the Hunters, and with Nivi's help he is doing what he can to bring the Reapers and Hunters together, but there are those that don't want that to happen. There are some dark forces at work behind the scenes that are causing problems for both the Hunters and the Reapers. I'm looking forward to seeing with this story will go; especially since there is a bombshell ending to this book! I'm really hoping Nivi will start being a little less naïve, and start actually seeing people for who they are. I do sort of wish that there were a couple less POV's in this book because I felt some of them didn't add too much to the story, and took a little bit of the mystery away, but the story is still really interesting and enjoyable. Definitely looking forward to the next book in this series!!

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