Monday, March 20, 2017

Review for Hired by Becca Vincenza - 4 out of 5


All Winifred wants is a fresh start and a way to earn the money needed to pay off an old debt. But her new job at Lucky gives her more than she bargained for when she accidentally interrupts a fight. With the attention of a group of slave-trading shifters suddenly on her, she knowns she needs help. Yet, accepting help from a mercenary might be just as dangerous as the slave-traders.

Quentin gets paid for his services. Protection. Hitman. Whatever the buyer wants. But when he scents curvaceous Winifred, he knows he’s in trouble and any thought of a paid gig goes out the window. He’ll do anything it takes to keep her safe from the gang hunting her down…because no one messes with a tiger shifter’s mate.


This was a quick, shifter read, and I enjoyed it! The banter between Winnie and Quentin was cute, and I love the whole finding your mate in an unsuspecting way. There's also a bit of suspense, which I totally love, and the romance has some great steamy moments. Winnie works at a bar, when she witnesses some thugs in the back alley talking about kidnapping and selling rare shifters for top dollar, these men are dangerous and out to get her, so she's going to need help in staying alive. Winnie met Quentin at the bar, and is attracted to him, but after her past relationship didn't quite end in a great way, she doesn't know if she can trust Quentin, but when he offers to help her, she knows she's better off with him. Quentin also happens to be a shifter, which is super awesome, and I liked that he was a little bit posh. I actually would've liked Quentin's family and their expectations would've come into play more in this book, but this book is more focused on keeping Winnie safe. Fun, quick, cute, sexy read! Looking forward to more from Becca Vincenza!

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