Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review for Something Blue by Kristy Nicolle - 4 out of 5


In the city of Monopolis where happily ever after is just a scientific formula away, Valentine Morland has been waiting nine years for her day to come. Now it’s here, and she will marry the man of her dreams, a stranger to her, before being swept off to life of carefree luxury and bliss, courtesy of the Jigsaw Project. However, all is not as Valentine imagined as her new husband is quickly discovered as not the man of her dreams, but one who claims he isn’t capable of love at all. Harbouring an intense paranoia for the system, which upholds the very idealist fantasy that Valentine holds so dear, Clark threatens to throw her into a world, not of bliss, but of scary consequence where her every emotion is under scrutiny. Can it be that the scientific formula with a 99% success rate got it all wrong, or is everything in the world of Bliss Inc. more sinister than it seems?


I absolutely love the premise for this book! Love the sci-fi aspects, and the story is entertaining! Valentine is part of the Jigsaw Project, which arranges marriages scientifically for maximum success, and she has been waiting in the training program for a long time, so she is ready and anxious to meet her match, but when Valentine finally meets her match, everything isn't exactly living up to her dreams. Valentine's new husband is acting secretive and Valentine doesn't know if she can trust him, and there's also some odd things happening behind the scenes in her world. I like Kristy Nicolle's unique way of laying out the story, and I enjoyed all the characters; even though they did get on my nerves on occasion! I actually would've loved a bit more of a connection between the characters, and also for the story to move a little faster; at times the story was a bit too descriptive. There's a bit of mystery that I really enjoyed, and would've actually loved more of that in the story. Valentine and Clark's relationship was interesting to read because it wasn't typical, and I enjoyed their banter back and forth. The setting for Something Blue was really cool! That's where a lot of the futuristic aspects came into play, which I found to all be interesting. Looking forward to more from Kristy Nicolle!

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