Sunday, March 5, 2017

Review for Twenty-Five Years Ago Today by Stacy Juba - 5 out of 5!


Kris Langley has always been obsessed with murder. She blames herself for the violent death of her cousin when they were kids and has let guilt invade every corner of her existence. Now an editorial assistant and obit writer for a Massachusetts newspaper, Kris stumbles across an unsolved murder while compiling "25 Years Ago Today" items from the microfilm. She grows fascinated with the case of a young cocktail waitress who was bludgeoned to death and dumped in the woods.

Determined to solve the case and atone for the death of her cousin, Kris immerses herself in the mystery of what happened to Diana Ferguson, a talented artist who expressed herself through haunting paintings of Greek mythology. Not only does Kris face resistance from her family and her managing editor, she also clashes with Diana's suspicious nephew, Eric Soares - until neither she nor Eric can deny the chemistry flaring between them.

Kris soon learns that old news never leaves the morgue and that yesterday's headline is tomorrow's danger, for finding out the truth about that night twenty-five years ago may shatter Kris's present, costing her love, her career, and ultimately, her life.


This is really great!! I loved the mystery, and definitely wasn't expecting that ending! What a twist! Kris has just left a high powered job to be an assistant at her hometown newspaper because she's not happy. While working at the paper, she comes across an unsolved murder that she feels drawn to, so she decides that she is going to see if she can figure out the mystery, and she is also determined to solve the mystery because she is carrying around a lot of guilt from an incident when she was younger. Kris doesn't believe she deserves any happiness because of this incident, so she keeps herself closed off to connections with other; she's haunted by her guilt and it is really weighing her down. During her investigation, she meets up with the victims family, and the victim's nephew begins to help her with her investigation. The nephew and Kris begin to form a bond, but they have some obstacles in their way. I actually would've loved more scenes with the romance because I'm romance fiend, but I loved how the romance evolved. I really enjoyed the writing, and I found myself entertained through the whole story, and I loved how many different angles the story could have gone in, and I think Juba did an excellent job with the details of the story. I would have liked more of a resolution with Kris and her family because I felt like Kris' relationship with her family was a good sized part in the story, and it would've been nice to see more about Kris and her family. I also listened to the audio version of this story, and the narrator did an excellent job! Great story! I will definitely check out more books by Stacy Juba!

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